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August 15, 2011


August 15, 2011
By Candice Monique O. Brillon

“4 out of 5 ang nadedevastate dahil sa pag-ibig”. Does it mean that only one has a shot of happy ending? A mixture of comedy, romance, and complicated situations sum up Ricky Lee’s first novel, “Para kay B?” A more intriguing question follows. “Sino ba talaga si B?”

Lee’s first novel revolves around 5 different stories that speak the truth about falling in love, accepting a heart break, and falling out of love. These five situations can be related to any person’s love story. Apart from this, the story also speaks of the writer’s insecurities and frustrations on making the novel. It also expounds on the writer’s theory of love.

“Para kay B” is a personal journey for Lee because it also involves his own story. The balancing of characters greatly affects the flow of the story. Each character has her own chapter, her own moment. Each chapter has its own situation. Some of the situations are rarely seen in a normal context in the society.

The first chapter tells the story of Irene. Irene, a girl with a unique photographic memory, falls in love with Jordan. But as they say, promises are meant to be broken. The most painful heartbreak is being forgotten by the person who have made you a promise. The reality of a broken promise will make the readers realize that only fairy tales have a happy ending.
The second story is Sandra’s story. Her story is about falling in love with one’s sibling. This situation is unusual especially in terms of Filipino norms but is probably happening at present. People are afraid to tell their own “Sandra story” because it conflicts with Philippine society’s norms.

Erica’s story follows next. The chapter relates to a fictional world that refuses to fall in love. This chapter describes the feeling of a person who is curious about love. It tells of people falling in love for the first time. The chapter tells that anything that happens for the first time is always memorable and most of the time, is the happiest feeling. Unfortunately, some may be unsure if they are really in love. Because of this, most people resort to wrong decisions.

After Erica is another challenging story of Ester. The creativity of Lee in giving life to the characters is a success especially in the said chapter. In the said love situation, it tackles that even if you think that you are meant to be with that person, the situation may not allow you to be together.

Bessie’s story is associated with a love that has not been admitted, and where mistakes happen. When one thinks that one is now ready to confess his/her love, sadly, it is too late.
“Para kay B” has its own twist at the end. Lee’s imagination does not only deal with each of the characters but also the life of a writer and his own ideologies. Quotations expressed in the novel are encapsulated with lessons on how to survive a tragic chapter in our life. It can also be cited as a status message in one’s facebook account.

The soul of “Para kay B” can be compared to a rollercoaster ride that we, people, mostly choose to experience. In life, there are only two paths to take: the straight path and the curved path. The straight path will take you to your destination fast and easy but will you enjoy the journey? “Para Kay B” also discusses the curved path– although rough and indefinite in shape but those rough edges of one’s journey will enable one to be strong and to enjoy one’s existence more.