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August 11, 2009

After mounting his first solo effort early this 2009, Frederick Sausa held this August his second solo exhibit at the blanc art space in Makati City.

In Sausa’s first exhibit, viewers saw works with still pictures punched with holes, including stripped and out of focus photos from magazine pages in appropriation. In the current show, acrylic was mainly used as the vehicle for antithesis of the much well-praised oil paints. Aside from being industrial, synthetic and ordinary; these pigments were part of the 80’s once in-demand industry of giant movie billboards, also used by graffiti artists, muralists, effigy makers and other forms of street art.

Images cover archetypal youth culture, rebellion, power and failures, eccentricities of glamour era and documented works by other artists. His works also probe into stories left untold that we find in the living rooms, hotels’ comfort room, one teenager’s bedroom wall, full of posters and just about everyday boredom that indulges the viewers to participate into somebody else’s privacy and solitude, yet these, too, are masked in narrative context that leave viewers with more questions than answers.

In March 2009, from his own multiply site (, Sausa explains himself.

“I am doing art about life, living and the emotions subjected for universal cravings and nostalgia as well as the cultural identities that the viewers can relate to as they see my works. I may prod them to feel the tactility of two-dimensional world of paintings and induced them to second thought out with my installations. I think my works delved on melancholia and humor.

My new works was based on existing photographs and the themes usually investigate on unfinished thought, intentional omission of a word or a phrase in the pictures. Suspension points were marked to each of my paintings. These leave out spaces represent blank holes or void, or an ellipsis showing the bare ground of the canvas and punched pictures in accordance to copyrights.

I am doing installation pieces that were lifted from the influences of Conceptualists and just recently someone refer that my new works were similar to that of John Baldessari which I took note too as part of my ongoing research.

I am fortunate to be part of the country’s two distinguished curators- Roberto Chabet and Roberto Valenzuela (R.I.P.) in their school of thoughts. Sometimes their progressive and pugnacious way of imposing their talents’ creativity whether it’s worth the effort or have conflicts in each one of us somehow marked us a long-term wisdom distilled forever in our collective memories.

Right now, I am pursuing again what I’d learned and left behind…”

Frederick Sausa’s “Pretty Vacant” run from August 10 to August 28, 2009 at blanc Makati.  blanc is located at Crown Tower, 107 H.V. dela Costa St., Salcedo Village, Makati City.  For more information, please call or sms 752-0032 / 0920-9276436, email or visit,