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September 29, 2009


Filipino Artist Nasser Lubay’s work titled Rebirth was recognized in Berlin’s Art Forum Week on Sept. 26 in Germany. It was part of the works considered for the Celeste Prize 2009, an international prize for contemporary arts and a network for art professionals.

Celeste jurors Adrienne Goehler, Victoria Lu, Mark Gisbourne and Claudio Sinatti have selected the names of the 46 ‘Celeste Prize 2009’ finalists who were able to exhibit their works in Berlin 25-28 September. Artists/participants themselves vote on the works who would win the 40,000 € prize money. The finalists are not allowed to vote on their own entries.

The prize is open to any person practicing art either as a professional full-time/part-time artist, student or self-taught artist from anywhere in the world. Media for the painting under which Lubay participated include: oil, acrylic, industrial paints, ink, vinyl, watercolour, graphite, pencil, printing of various forms, etc.  The works could be in the form of canvas, paper, cardboard, wood, plastic, metal, etc. The maximum size permitted in a two-dimensional format is 2.5 x 2.5 metres.

Though Lubay did not win the prize money worth 8,000 €, Lubay declared in his Facebook account that the “recognition is the prize,” aside from the competition being an international one. German artist Michael Luther’s “Gallery (Desk)” bested Lubay’s work by a mere 2 points or one vote. Lubay, on the other hand, bested Czech artist Juraj Kollar’s “Landscape.” Lubay also said in his Facebook that he voted for Kollar’s work.

Lubay was born in Candelaria, Quezon in 1982 and studied Mechanical engineering and Multimedia Arts and Sciences at Mapua Institute of Technology, in Manila, Philippines.

See Lubay’s winning work at and his other works in his web site: