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‘King of talk’ talks about culture

August 09, 2011


Philippine Television’s “King of Talk” is known for talking about show business and interviewing different personalities. But in a seminar by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), a different “king” was witnessed as he discussed his expertise on culture and communication.

Boy Abunda, NCCA Art Ambassador, talked in front of about 200 campus journalists and student leaders in Metro Manila on July 14 at the NCCA’s Leandro Locsin Auditorium, on how to communicate Philippine’s culture and art.

“You have to brand culture to be able to send it to the public,” said Abunda.

He said “branding” was connected to trademark and identity. He added that to make an appeal to an audience, the way you “brand” culture must be unique so as to be better identified.

As if lecturing inside a classroom, Abunda emphasized the power of the medium in conveying messages. However, he reminded that one must identify one’s listeners first to be able to identify the medium.

“Identify who your public is and you will be able to identify your medium,” he said. “Identify the source of your message and craft it. The delivery of the message is important.”

Abunda is finishing his doctorate on Social Development in Philippine Women’s University and has taught at PWU for two semesters.

Stories are culture

Abunda said he liked it when young people told him their stories. It is because, he said, the stories are part of someone’s culture.

“Our life is culture; the way we talk and the way we respond is culture,” he said in Filipino.


Originally published in Philippine Daily Inquirer. Read full text here.