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January 04, 2012


The head of the National Commission of Culture and Arts of the Philippines said Iran was an important country which played influential roles in regional and world developments.

In a meeting with Iran’s cultural attaché to the country Hossein Divsalar, Felipe de Leon Jr. described Iran as the greatest country in the Middle East which played the most important role in the region.

He said the two countries should try to make the people of the Philippines get familiar with full capacities and attractions of Iran.

Pointing to the dominance of Western cultures over many countries, he also regretted that certain things belonging to the western culture were being introduced to the youth in world countries as sublime symbols which lacked any value while eastern countries like Iran possessed many values which should be propagated among world nations.

Divsalar said he has been frankly working on plans to introduce Iran’s rich culture to the people of the Philippines with focus on the important fact that the two countries have many points to share.