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September 13, 2004

National Historical Institute (NHI) Executive Director Ludovico D. Badoy announces the start of the History Week celebration (September 15-21, 2004), with the theme “Save our History, Save our Nation” (“Ingatan ang ating Kasaysayan, Pangalagaan ang ating Bayan”).

Various historico-cultural activities have been lined up for a meaningful weeklong celebration.  On Wednesday, September 15, the NHI, in coordination with the Provincial Government of Bulacan and the City Government of Malolos, will lead in the commemorative rites/program for the 106th anniversary of the opening of Malolos Congress at the Barasoain Church Historical Landmark in Malolos City, Bulacan at 7:00 a.m.  Simultaneously, a kick-off ceremony will be held at the NHI Audio-Visual Room (NHI-AVR) which will include a Eucharistic celebration officiated by Rev. Fr. Severino Enopeña of Nuestra Señora de Guia Church at 8:00 a.m.

A Book Sale of NHI publications at discounted prices will be opened on September 16 and will run up to September 18.  A “Chalk Art Contest” will also be conducted at the NHI Grounds on September 18. 

To cap the weeklong celebration is a lecture on “Flag and Heraldic Code” and a photo exhibit entitled “Bandila” at the National Library, T.M. Kalaw St., Ermita, Manila on September 21.  A historical video showing will also be conducted and books on flag will be distributed alongside the lecture.

Other lecture-forum, seminar-workshops, symposium, and conference on schedule are the following: (1) Lecture-Forum on “Filipino Heroes (Research and Teaching)” (Sept. 16 – Taguig National High School); (2) Seminar on the “World War II in the Philippines, 60 Years After” (Sept. 17- NHI Resource Center); (3) PHA Annual Conference on “Good Governance in the Philippines: Retrospect and Prospect,” (Sept. 17 – NHI-AVR); (4) Seminar-Workshop on “Pamayanan, Bayan, Bansa: Ang Bagong Balangkas ng Kasaysayan ng Pilipinas” (Sept. 20 – PUP, Sta. Mesa, Manila); (5) Lecture on “Current conditions of museum, statistics/visitors’ flow and museum as a tool for learning” (Sept. 20); and, (6) Symposium on the “Preservation of Philippine Cultural Heritage” (Sept. 21 – FEU, Manila).

Also, various photograph exhibits are to be opened for public viewing: (1) “Filipino-American War”; (2) “The Stamps of History”; (3) “Bandila”; and, (4) “Mga Kinatawan sa Unang Kongreso ng Pilipinas.”

Other historico-cultural activities scheduled for the weeklong celebration are the following: (1) story-telling on myths and legends; (2) traditional Filipino games; (3) “bugtungan” contest; (4) hand painting on t-shirt contest; (5) kite-flying contest; (6) “Balagtasan” contest; (7) oratorical contest; (8) folk dance contest; (9) historical film showing; (10) book sale; and, (11) arts and crafts exhibit.

For further inquiries, please contact Dr. Regino P. Paular, Chief of the NHI Historical Education Division, or Mrs. Gina C. Batuhan and Mr. Romy V. Sacay at tel. nos.:  523-1019 / 301-7731.