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September 06, 2010


TUP Fine Arts Students, Faculty and Alumni
9-30 September, 2010
NCCA Gallery
633 NCCA Building, 633 Gen. Luna St. Intramuros, Manila

The influx of anything hybrid signaled how man enjoys—and uses—his freedom. Some people use it wisely, while some abuse it. In the arts, the fusion of different media not only means dissing mediocrity but also the ultimate expression of freedom.

Hy+Bread, an exhibit by selected students of Technological University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts which opens on 9 September at the NCCA Gallery, is a showcase of freedom and expression. Ferdinand Doctolero, the exhibit curator said that “Hybrid is the free will to create new opportunities to articulate ideas and concepts which also opens challenges, choices, and decisions for the artists.”

He further added that hybrid may also mean the blurring of what is traditional and modern. Indeed, Hy+Bread reveals the fusion of old and new media. New media in this sense is what drives most of society today which is technology.

From among the many artworks presented, “XD” by Benjamin Verdadero strongly articulates the meaning of Hy+Bread albeit figuratively. “XD” is an emoticon or cyber lingo which expresses laughter or “LOL (laughing out loud)” that is widely used in the Internet. Verdadero, a second-year Advertising major, explained that his work reflects the highest level of happiness. The head designed sideways is drawn atop a cartoon body (for satiric effect) but the ultimate expression of happiness is signified by the background which is a product of different colors. In effect, the background has come to life of its own through the strokes of his brush.

Hy+Bread will see the works of fine arts students of TUP from all levels. Aside from multimedia, there will also be painting, photographs, and live doodling during the opening at the NCCA lobby.

Probably one of the highlights of the exhibit is the participation of TUP alumni. Their works will be showcased alongside the current students’ works. Among those artists who will take part are Richard Apostol , Sherwin Calleja , Demosthenes Campos , Rommel Celespara, Joey Cobcobo,Cesar Delgado , Heraldo Corpus , Ramon Talaga De La Cruz , Beck Enriquez. , Bejay Esber, Dexter Fernandez , Patrick Fonte , Mark Andy Garcia, Grace Ighut , Ryan Jara, Lito Jandayan, Eugene Jarque , Neil Arvin Javier, Alrashdi Mohammad, Lynyrd Paras, Sam Penaso, Vernon Perez, D.L. Poblete,
Ryan Rubio, Lirio Salvador, Chris John Sy, Resty Tica and Mac Valdezco.

Apart from its literal meaning as “hybrid,” it also means “the knowledge acquired by the students from the masters which serves as their platform in exploring the arts further.”

The students, young as they are, dig up their emotions from their sensitivity. Jeffrey Jarin’s “Decaying Beauty” is an abstraction of a two-faced woman revealing the bad and good side. However, the pessimism overpowers the optimism with the skull prominently articulated in his oil on canvass painting. Verdadero’s “Innocence” shows that maturity comes early to the youth today. A boy dominates the portrait but a second look will see that the seaside is actually a pool of sperm cells.

Two of the students, Narayan Balingit and Dale Erispe made use of earphones to signify how technology not only affects but run the society today. Balingit’s work is titled “Nagbibingi-bingihan, Nagbubulagbulagan” and Erispe’s is called XXXXXX (portrait of a Katutubo).

Some of the students have been participating in exhibits but having an exhibition at NCCA brings validation to their passion which is the arts. The NCCA Gallery was conceptualized and established to encourage artists both in the grassroots and mainstream to produce more of their works and cultivate the talent within. It serves as a venue of contemporary arts where students mostly benefit from this endeavor. It has held exhibitions by students from schools like University of the Philippines, Far Eastern University, University of Sto. Tomas and FEATI.

Hy+Bread by TUP Fine Arts Students together with faculty and Alumnae, is on view from 9-30 September 2010. The shows Curator is Ferdinand Doctolero who is also a faculty member of TUP Fine Arts. NCCA Gallery located at 633 Gen. Luna St. Intramuros Manila (back of San Agustin Church), Gallery Hours is Monday-Friday, 9 AM-5PM. For inquiries please contact Ethel Buluran or Mimi Santos at (632) 527-2192 or email or visit