a. Improvement of Museums and storage facilities; and enhancement of exhibits

Qualification of the Proponent:  1. Public and private museums with significant collections under their custody; 2.Public agencies that have a natural and cultural mandate; 3. Proven track record of natural and/or cultural work

Requirements for submission: 1. Report on the status of the museum and collection; 2. Scope of works; 3. Floor Plan; 4. Reflected ceiling plan; 5. Interior perspective with swatch samples; 6. Electrical plan; 7. Design of panels; 8. Marketing plan and record of museum admissions for the past 3 months; 9. Local ordinance creating the museum (for LGU museums)

Criteria for evaluation of the proposals: 1. Must have undergone Technical Assistance Program prior to submission of proposal; 2. Museum must have been in existence for at least 5 years; 3. Priority to museums whose exhibition galleries and displays are 5 years old or more (except for house museums); 4. Priority to works that are near deterioration; 5.Museums with collections declared as Important Cultural Property (ICP); 6. Enhancement may include restoration and/or renovation of existing museum; collections conservation and documentation; construction of storage facilities; improvement of showcases, electrical fixtures and object presentation; incorporation of audio-visual documentation to the exhibits; and exhibition collaterals; 7. The project must ensure that a 5% increase in museum admissions will be reached within 3 months after its completion.

Budget per project:  P 350,000
Slots open for application:  6
Geographic Consideration: Leyte, Samar, Quezon, Camarines Sur, Lanao del Sur, Surigao City

b. Regional Summit of Museums

Qualification of the Proponent: 1. Local government units with existing museums; 2. Regional museum associations; 3. Public and private museums

Requirements for submission:  1. Program of activities; 2. Curricula vitae of speakers; 3. Training module/s; 4. Date and venue of workshop; 5. Endorsement from the President of the regional museum association and NCOM Representative of the association.

Criteria for  evaluation of the proposals:  1. Topics must include disaster risk reduction, engaging LGUs in museum work, and museum audience development; 2. Ability to complete the project’s proposed objectives, judged by the qualifications of the staff, prior experience in the implementation of workshop, and the reasonableness of the work plan and budget (including counterpart funding); 3. Efficiency of the project, as judged by the likely output versus costs; 4. Must have at least 50 or more participants

Budget per project: P 150,000 (outside NCR)
P 100,000 (NCR)
Slots open for application:  9
Geographic Consideration: Luzon (5); Visayas (3); Mindanao (1)