Once you have submitted your proposal, the following steps shall take place:

  1. Completion check and initial appraisal: We will check to determine that all application forms have been completed and submitted, all requested supporting documentation has been provided and that you are qualified to apply for a proposal.If your application package does not meet these requirements, we will return it to you, unprocessed. An assigned Project Development Officer (PDO) may contact you to verify and clarify some items in your proposal, so be sure to indicate your correct contact numbers.
  2. Acknowledgement receipt: If your application is complete, we will begin to process it and you will be sent a letter acknowledging receipt of your proposal.Please provide us with an email address for faster communication.
  3. Processing and Evaluation: The NCCA evaluating bodies shall make a detailed review /assessment of the merits of your proposal. Verification of documents submitted may be done. The track record of the proponent is considered. Proposal shall be evaluated by the following bodies: First level – SubCommission concerned
    Final level – NCCA Board of Commissioners. Proposal shall be presented to the next level only if it has been favorably endorsed by the preceding evaluation body.
  4. Checking your application status: Processing times shall take 4 months from the deadline set (August 31 of the prior year). It is advised that no follow-up calls be made during these period as proponents shall be advised of the result through an official letter.
  5. Decision: Proponent shall be notified in writing of the final decision regarding their project.