The National Committee on Southern Cultural Communities, under the Subcommission on Cultural Communities and Traditional Arts (SCCTA), is one of the 19 national committees of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), the cultural arm of the government. It is composed of cultural leaders and workers (including cultural administrators, researchers, culture bearers, artists, and practitioners), representatives of non-government organizations, people’s organizations, including local government units or individuals knowledgeable in the culture of the Southern Cultural communities and who work for the protection, promotion and development of the southern cultural communities and their traditional arts.

The Executive Council shall consist of 15 members from legitimate community-based IP organizations representing the major cultural communities from Regions IX, X, XI, XII, CARAGA and ARMM as follows:

Region 9
1. Yakan / Sama-Bangingi
2. Subanen / Kolibugan

Region 10
3. Manobo
4. Bukidnon / Higaonon / Talaandig / Matigsalug

Region 11
5. Bagobo
6. Mandaya / Mansaka / Dibabawo n/ Manguangan
7. Kalagan / Tagakaolo / Mansaka / Kagan

Region 12
8. Tboli
9. Blaan / Sangir

10. Mamanwa
11. Kamayo / Banwaon / Manobo / Higaonon

12. Maranao / Magindanao / Iranon
13. Teduray / Arumanen
14. Sama (Bangingi / Bajau / Dilaut/ Jama Mapun)
15. Tausug

An empowered Southern Cultural Communities united and sustained by its cultural heritage and self-determined to protect and develop its cultural heritage to promote peace.

1. To preserve and protect traditional cultures and their various creative expressions as an integral part in nation building;
2. To revitalize and promote the culture and the arts of the cultural communities through active community participation in partnership with the concerned government agencies; and
3. To enhance appreciation and develop understanding of Filipino cultural communities.

Abubacar Datumanong PhD Head Iranun / Maguindanaoan Cluster
Michael Angelo Yambok Vice-Head Ubo / T’boli Cluster
Arthur Gulili Secretary Blaan / Sangir Cluster
Fat-Maheaba Edward Assistant Secretary Sama / Bajau / Bangingi / Jama Mapun Cluster
Dr. Hanbal Bara  Execon Member Tausug Cluster
Ammalun Salahuddin  Execon Member Yakan Cluster
Fatima Kanakan Execon Member Teduray / Arumanen Cluster
Noel Umbac  Execon Member Subanen Cluster

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