Subcommission on Cultural Dissemination (SCD) Officers, 2017-2019

Vicente C. Handa Ph.D.
Commissioner for Cultural Dissemination / Head
Head, National Committee on Cultural Education                                               

Ricardo C. Juliano
Head, National Committee on Communication

Michael M. Coroza, Ph.D.
Puno, Pambansang Komite sa Wika at Salin

Excerpts from RA No. 7356 / April 1992 – Section 12 c)
General Mandate

c) To ensure the widest dissemination of artistic and cultural products among the greatest number across the country and overseas for their appreciation and enjoyment, it shall, with the cooperation of the Departments of Education, Culture and Sports, Tourism, Interior and Local Government, Foreign Affairs and all other concerned agencies, public and private:

1) cause to be established and developed an intensified arts education program at all levels of the educational system, public and private, to ensure meaningful arts integration across the school curriculum;
2) encourage and support programs through publication, exhibition, production, performance, staging, and reproduction of original Filipino creations;
3) coordinate and provide technical and/or financial assistance for cultural events and related activities such as cultural festivals, competitions, lecturers, seminars, from and symposia;
4) encourage and monitor a comprehensive translation program which shall make works by Filipinos and selected foreign classics equally accessible to Filipino as well as international readers;
5) promote the popularization of information about artistic and cultural achievements and programs, in coordination with government agencies and on-government organizations and institutions;
6) reorient tourism programs to become an instrument for popular education of our people and other about the best of our heritage and creativity;
7) undertake a systematic collection of statistical and other data which reflects the state of cultural conditions in the country, to serve as essential quantitative and qualitative basis for formulating cultural policies;
8) create and support a sustained program of international cultural exchange, scholarships, travel grants and other forms of assistance;
9) promulgate standards and guidelines for the protection and promotion of Filipino artists, cultural workers and creative works in other countries;
10) Encourage and support the continuous training of cultural workers and administrators by qualified trainers.

e) Ensure that standards of excellence are pursued in programs and activities implementing policies herein stated, it shall encourage and support continuing discussion and debate, through symposia, workshops, publications, etc., on the highest norms available in the matrix of Philippine culture.

Committees :
Language and Translation