The National Committee on Archives (NCA), under the Subcommission for Cultural Heritage (SCH), is one of the 19 national committees of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), the cultural arm of the government. It is composed of committed professionals employing international standards in archives administration.

To serve as the catalyst in the preservation and promotion of the archival heritage of the nation.

To conscientiously pursue and promote meaningful and relevant endeavors to preserve Filipino heritage and advance archives administration as a discipline and as a profession. Working together with the other nineteen (19) national committees, the NCA shall devote its resources towards attaining its general objectives and addressing identified areas of concerns.

Mr. Arnulfo O. Junio Head Institutional – Society of Filipino Archivists (SFA) / UP Film Archive
Ms. Rosemarie O. Roque Secretary Institutional – Society of Filipino Archivists for Film (SOFIA)
Ms. Gladys Joy E. Entico  Assistant Secretary Individual – Phil-Am
Ms. Maita Espina Abunales  ExeCon Member Ex-Officio – National Archives of the Philippines
Ms. Jocelyn E. Marcos  ExeCon Member Institutional – Society of Ecclesiastical Archivists of the Philippines (SEAP) 
Ms. Maria Teresa Bondoc ExeCon Member Institutional – Legislative Archives (Senate of the Philippines)
Ms. Teofila Mendoza ExeCon Member Institutional – Phil. Records Management Association (PRMA)
Ms. Rosemarie L. Calaranan ExeCon Member Institutional – Government Records Officers Association of the Philippines (GROAP)
Ms. Divina S. Medina  ExeCon Member Institutional Legislative Information Records and Advocacy Bureau, Legislative Information Resources Management Department (LIRMD) – House of Representative
Ms. Remedios E. Ballesfin ExeCon Member Individual – Luzon Philippine Records Management Association (PRMA)
Mr. Henry P. Tomalabcad ExeCon Member Individual – Visayas Representative
Mr. Cedric G. Dayta ExeCon Member Individual – Mindanao Representative

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