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ABS-CBN Archives

holdings of 400 titles of new 35 mm prints; 2,000 titles in 1’’, U-matic or betacam

caters only to ABS-CBN people for free TV, cable and international exhibition

People’s Television Network, Inc.

holdings of 4,500 in betacam SP; 6,000 in U-matic; 110 in 1″ and 50 open-reel tapes

caters primarily to the network staff

RPN-IBC Library

channels 9 and 13 maintain it, keep videos of TV programs in 1″ and U-matic

highest holdings at a given time is 20,000+ materials with around 50 titles per supplier

GMA Channel 7

holdings of 2,000 U-matic and 3,000 betacam tapes

open to network operation staff and film producers

Movie and Television Review and Classification Board
(Film Archives and Library Division)

collections acquired through legal deposit and donation

holdings of 51 titles of local films in 35mm master negative; 190 titles of seized prints, local & foreign, in 35 mm; 21black and white 16mm educational film; 12 titles of 16mm films from the Canadian government; 220 U-matic and 80 betacam tapes of various events; VHS of 69 local and 226 foreign films

open to the academe and film producers under appropriate conditions


supports and trains young film/videomakers and inititates the production of of the

so-called alternative film

holdings of 150+ titles of films and videos

open to users mostly from the academe and some enthusiasts/hobbyists

Philippine Information Agency Film Library

a unit of the Motion Picture division responsible in lending film to the public and arranging with theater managers the showing of films

holdings of 226 titles of 16mm; 146 titles of 35mm positive films; over 6,000 titles of films in outcuts, negative and rushes

Philippine Information Agency Broadcast Division

started the collection of local documentaries, TV plugs, featurettes, radio plugs and jingles in 1985

holdings of 182+ 1″ tapes, 682+ titles of beta I; 114 titles of beta II; 45+ S-VHS; 2,500 U-matic tapes

open to academe and video producer

Presidential Broadcast Staff/Radio TV Malacañang (RVTM)

an office attached to the Office of the Press Secretary that is responsible for the audio & video documentation of all the activities of the President

Video Library and Archives of RTVM has a collection of 12,000 tapes

services extended to GO’s, NGO’s, other TV/radio stations, sponsors/proponents of events where the President is a guest and/or speaker

University of the Philippines Film Center

holdings of 146 titles of features in 35mm and 16 mm; 1,800 titles of 16 mm films from the Philippine Presidential Library; over 600 titles of video tapes in U-matic, VHS, Betamax and V8; 30 titles of foreign film classics in laser disc

open to the academic community, government entities, enthusiasts/hobbyists and film producers

Far Eastern University Audio-Visual Center

holdings of around 400 titles of documentaries/features in VHS

exclusive use of the university

Cultural Center of the Philippines
(Film and Cultural Unit, Communication Services Division)

holdings of around 200 titles of Filipino feature films; 8,000+ tapes of various themes

films and videos accessible to the public under appropriate conditions

House of Representatives Legislative Archives

holds AV collection of sound recordings of plenary discussions and debates on bills; video

tapes (mostly U-matic) of proceedings in the Plenary Hall from opening to closing of sessions of each legislative term; proceedings of committee meetings, hearings and investigations

open to the House officials and staff and to the public

The National Library

archiving operations assigned to the Copyright Section

keeps 109 Tagalog feature films in betacam and the 35mm prints of the film ” Olongapo: the Great American Dream”

no other archives-related services offered apart from serving a film/video material accorded with copyright

Philippine Advertising Library

operates under the Educational Development Committee of the Advertising Foundation of the Philippines

holdings of over 1,000 video tapes; 172 audio tapes of ads; 700+ print ads; 500 news clippings

caters to advertising agencies and the academe

SQ Studios and Film Laboratories, Inc.

though not an archives in strictest sense, it provides archive-related services

stores films, mostly full-length and documentaries, serving as collateral pending payment by the producers

VIVA Films

stores its own films and those of other producers for retrieval and duping

holdings of over 1000 titles of films/videos, 305 of which are VIVA productions

services are being availed by film producers and advertising agencies

Other Studios

Sampaguita Pictures has employed archivists to arrange and maintain the filmsLVN maintains an archives of what remained of its collectio

FPJ Productions keps an air-conditioned vault of all films produced by its owner

Regal films has a large storage room for its master negatives

Society of Film Archivists (SOFIA)

assist local producers & institutions in their archiving needs since its creation in 1993

conduct of series of seminar –workshop on film and video archives

undertake survey on the current practices in film and video cataloging

initiate study leading to the development of a National Audiovisual Archives

assist local film industry in film retrieval and completion of a master list of Filipino films for preservation and re-issue

help organize the launching of the Southeast Asia _pacific Audio-Visual Archives Association

source funds for projects on film restoration, cataloging and training of personnel

About the Author:
Arnulfo O. Junio is a former Journalism teacher of Juan Sumulong High School, Quezon City who earned his Master of Library Science from the University of the Philippines, Diliman. He is now the Chief Archivist of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB).