Excerpts from RA No. 7356 / April 1992 – Section 12 a)

General Mandate

a) To encourage the continuing and balanced development of a pluralistic culture by the people themselves, it shall;

1) encourage and ensure the exercise of the freedom of expression by eliminating all forms of censorship inimical to cultural and artistic growth and development without prejudice to the rights of other people to develop their own culture, or to the enhancement of a genuinely Filipino culture;
2) extend financial and economic assistance such as subsidies, artist funds and social security to promote cultural development and protect artists and cultural workers;
3) ensure the decentralization of opportunities for creative expression through the establishment of local culture and art centers in various regions, with resources needed for artistic cultural activities;
4) extend recognition of artistic achievement through awards, grants and services to artists and cultural groups, which contribute significantly in the Filipino’s cultural legacy;
5) promote the interests and welfare of artists and cultural workers by protecting their rights to intellectual and artistic properties as well as those of associations that shall promote and protect the economic and moral rights of artists over the country;
6) encourage and support research into Philippine artistic traditions which may be adopted for the creation of contemporary forms;
7) adopt measures and recommend legislations to protect the intellectual and artistic rights and properties of Filipino artists, cultural workers and other matters concerning culture and arts; and
8) Explore and adopt the best possible structure of relationship between the public and private sector at the local level, taking into account varying socio-cultural situations.

e) Ensure that standards of excellence are pursued in programs and activities implementing policies herein stated, it shall encourage and support continuing discussion and debate, through symposia, workshops, publications, etc., on the highest norms available in the matrix of Philippine culture.

Subcommission on the Arts (SCA) Officers, 2020-2022

Rolando B. Tolentino, PhD
Commissioner for the Arts / Head
Head, National Committee on Cinema

Dr. Shirley Halili-Cruz
Vice Head
Head, National Committee on Dance

Ms. Geraldine B. Araneta

Head, National Committee on Visual Arts

Mr. Felimon B. Blanco
Assistant Secretary
Head, National Committee on Dramatic Arts 

LAr. Zenaida DC. Galingan
Head, National Committee on Architecture and the Allied Arts  

Julieta C. Mallari, PhD
Head, National Committee on Literary Arts 

Prof. Felipe M. De Leon Jr.
Head, National Committee on Music 



Committees :
Architecture and Allied Arts
Dramatic Arts
Literary Arts
Visual Arts