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Architectural awards are bestowed to recognize outstanding achievements, excellence and highest ethical conduct of individuals practicing the profession of architecture.  They are generally conferred by various institutions and civic organizations to honor and to give prestige to architects, but the most cherished among these awards are those bestowed by professional organizations since they establish peer recognition. Such recognition was first given by The Philippine Institute of Architects (PIA), one of the pioneering professional organizations for architects, through its Gold Medal of Merit (GMM). This award considers the achievement of individuals in their body work with respect to its technical, aesthetic and cultural merits. TheGold Medal of Merit recipients include: 

Andres Luna de San Pedro 1949
Juan F. Nakpil 1951
Fernando H. Ocampo 1953
Tomas Mapua 1954
Juan M. Arellano 1958
Antonio M. Toledo 1961
Cesar H. Concio 1964
Carlos E. da Silva 1973
Jose Ma. Zaragoza 1977
Leandro V. Locsin 1978
Carlos D. Arguelles 1988
Antonio S. Sindiong 1989
Carlos A. Santos-Viola 1990
Cristobal B.C. Espina 1991
Rogelio G. Villarosa 1997
William V. Coscolluela 1997
Paulino T. Lim 1998

The United Architects of the Philippines (UAP) instituted and defined its highest award, theLikha Award and Gold Medal, through its UAP By-Laws, Article III, section 5 : “Likha Award – the highest distinction that may be bestowed by the National Board upon a Fellow of the United Architects of the Philippines is the Likha Award. This award shall be given as a recognition of his having achieved the highest standards of ethical conduct and excellence in the practice of the architectural profession and for his distinguished contribution and service to the UAP organization and to his community , his government and country.” In a span of 24 years since its inception, the UAP handed out the Likha award only to five architects: 

Felipe M. Mendoza 1982
Leandro V. Locsin 1987
Gabriel P. Formoso 1990
Cesar V. Canchela 1995
Manuel T. Mañosa, Jr. 1995

The Professional Regulations Commission through the Board of Architecture recognizes outstanding architects annually. The PRC Outstanding Architect of the Year was conferred on:

Otilio A. Arellano 1977
Leandro V. Locsin 1978
Gabriel P. Formoso 1979
Antonio V. Ascalon 1980
Manuel T. Mañosa, Jr. 1981
Felipe M. Mendoza 1982
Gregorio T. Segura 1983
Jose J. Herrera(posthumous) 1984
Fernando B. Abad 1985
Cesar V. Canchela 1988
Geronimo V. Manahan 1989
Norberto M. Nuke 1990
Aquiles C. Paredes 1991
Froilan L. Hong 1992
Rupeto C. Gaite 1993
Francisco T. Mañosa 1994
Gabino A. De Leon 1995
Antonio A. Turalba 1996
Jaime C. Marquez 1997
Philip H. Recto 1998

The Patnubay ng Sining and Kalinangan Awards was instituted in 1963 by the City Government of Manila and the handing out of the award coincided annually with the celebration of the Araw ng Maynila. The awardees for architecture include: 

Fernando H. Ocampo 1964
Tomas Mapua 1964
Andres Luna de San Pedro 1964
Arcadio Arellano 1966
Juan M. Arellano 1967
Juan F. Nakpil 1968
Cesar H. Concio 1969
Otilio A. Arellano 1970
Pablo S. Antonio 1971
Gabino A. de Leon 1971
Leadro V. Locsin 1972
Ildefonso P. Santos 1972
Jose Ma. Zaragoza 1973
Angel E. Nakpil 1974
Carlos E. da Silva 1975
Felipe M. Mendoza 1976
Gabriel P. Formoso 1977
Manuel T. Mañosa, Jr. 1978
Ruperto C. Gaite 1979
Jesus M. Bondoc 1980
Carlos A. Santos-Viola 1981
Francisco T. Mañosa 1982
Jorge Ramos 1983
Francis Arcenas 1984
Ruben L. Mariano 1984
Engracio L. Mariano 1985
Francisco B. Fajardo 1985
Carlos D. Arguelles 1988
Antonio S. Sindiong 1989
Ramon Faustmann 1991
Cesar V. Canchela 1992

 The Republic Cultural Heritage Awards was also given in the field of architecture. Among its recipient include: 

Carlos Arguelles 1968
Leadro V. Locsin 1970
Samahang Nakpil, Nakpil, Nakpil at Nakpil 1971
Pablo S. Antonio 1972
Gabriel P. Formoso 1973


About the Author:
Gerard Rey A. Lico is a University of the Philippines graduate and is currently pursuing an M.A. in Art Studies. He is the Art Director and Graphic Design Consultant for the textbook project of the Sentro ng Wikang Filipino and teaches at the Department of Art Studies, College of Arts and Letters, University of the Philippines.