The National Committee on Music (NCMusic), under the Subcommission on the Arts (SCA), is one of the 19 national committees of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), the cultural arm of the government.

As part of the over-all coordinating and policy-making body of the NCCA, the NCMusic has conscientiously pursued meaningful and relevant endeavors that will promote the total development of the Filipino artist and audience. Working together with the rest of the national committees, the NCMusic has devoted its resources towards attaining its general objectives and addressing identified areas of concern.

Filipinos fully harnessing music as a creative and constructive force in Philippine society.

Sustain and develop the Filipinos’ cultural and artistic heritage as well as their rightful place in the global human community.


Prof. Felipe de Leon Jr. Head                  Research Sector
Mr. Eugene A. Delos Santos Vice Head Education Sector
Ms. Maria Austregelina E. Alfornon  Secretary Education Sector
Mr. Jose S. Soliman Jr. ExeCon Member Performance Sector
Mr. Diomar C. Abrio ExeCon Member Visayas Representative 
Mr. Francisco A. Englis ExeCon Member Northern Mindanao Representative
Mr. Lucien Y. Letaba ExeCon Member Composition Sector
Mr. Jay D. Sarita ExeCon Member Performance Sector
Mr. Arvin R. Villalon ExeCon Member Luzon Representative

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