Theme: Breaking Boundaries: Dance, Cultures, and Societies

A. Conference topics

Topic 1: Cultural Foundation of Dance

      • Dance history
      • Dance and pre-history
      • Development of dance practice
      • Cultural traditions
      • Sacred dance traditions

Topic 2: Dance Education and Documentation

      • Approaches in teaching dance
      • Documentation of Indigenous dances
      • Dance in the basic education curriculum
      • Developing teachers for dance

Topic 3: Dance Performance and Production

      • Dance performance in theatre
      • Street dance performance
      • Dance techniques and performance
      • Mounting dance production

Topic 4: Dance and the Society

      • Dance politics
      • Dance and social connections
      • Dance and well-being
      • Dance and cultural appropriation

B. Abstract

    • A 300-word abstract that concisely describes the paper’s (1) rationale, (2) research questions, (3) methodology, (4) findings/conclusions and limitations.
    • An 50-word justification of how the paper responds to the theme of the conference.
    • A completed Submission of Abstracts Form.



    • The title must be descriptive, clear, and concise (under 20 words).
    • The participant must select the conference discipline which the paper is most closely related to.
    • The participant must provide 5 keywords to describe the paper.
    • A participant may submit up to 3 abstracts. If multiple abstracts are accepted, an alternative presenter will be required.
    • By submitting an abstract, it will be assumed that all authors have consented to its submission and that all copyright provisions have been met.
    • Entries must be based on outcomes, not future projects.
    • The participant will receive an email within 14 days of submission on whether their abstract has been (a) accepted, (b) rejected, or (c) waitlisted. 

C. Criteria

    • Originality: The paper explores a new issue related or presents new insights about existing research.
    • Significance: The paper highlights importance of dance in culture and society.
    • Quality: The paper presents sufficient data drawn from a rigorous and logical research process, with limitations of the studied described honestly.
    • Relevance: The paper addresses the forum theme.

D. Double-Blind Peer Review

    • Completed online submissions will be documented by the ICDR 2020 Review Committee;
    • Both components (300-word abstract and 50-word justification) of the submissions will be forwarded to the Review Committee without the authors’ names.
    • The review committee is composed of academic researcher;
    • The review committee will either accept, reject, or place on waitlist all abstracts. The Organizing Committee will notify participants regarding the status of their abstract within 14 days of submission. 

E. Accepted Abstracts

    • Accepted abstracts may be presented on the NCCA-ICDR page for public viewing.
    • Accepted participants must follow all formatting instructions for oral and poster presentations. The quality of presentation delivery must be of the highest standard.
    • Accepted participants must complete ICDR’s registration process to confirm their participation in the conference. 

F. Formats for presentations

    • Single paper presentations

A 20 min individual paper presentation + up to 10 min discussion

    • Panel presentations

A panel of 3 individual paper presentations of 20 minutes around the same topic. 60 min (3 x 20 min) paper presentations + up to 30 min discussion

    • Poster presentations

A presentation of your research as an academic poster


We invite you to submit a 300-word abstract with your name and contact information on the top and a 50-word biographical notes on or before January 31, 2020.  Please specify any technical needs for presentation.

Conference publication

Selected contributions will be published in a peer-reviewed Journal by the National Committee on Dance.