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By virtue of Presidential Proclamation No. 439 s. 2003, the month of May is National Heritage Month. The celebration takes a prime in creating among the Filipino people a consciousness, respect, and love for the legacies of the nation’s cultural history.

As part of the said celebration, the NCCA enjoins all cultural agencies, national government agencies (NGAs), schools, Philippine embassies and consulates, public libraries, and private institutions to participate in the national event by encouraging them to initiate various heritage-related activities including heritage-related tours, lecture demonstrations, conferences, exhibits, online advocacies, clean up drives in declared cultural and historical sites, and more.



For 2020, the theme for the National Heritage Month isMga Kuwentong Pamana (Stories of Heritage) to highlight the social and cultural impact of sharing knowledge, experiences, stories of Filipino heritage in the preservation of our country’s legacies. The theme also calls the public to foster their creativity in sharing heritage stories and information in new ways, that will engage more people to promote, connect, and appreciate our rich cultural heritage for the enjoyment of present and future generations.



  1. To encourage the Filipino people to share their own experiences, stories, and knowledge of their local heritage in order to establish a deeper connection and encourage more people to participate in the preservation of the Philippine heritage;
  2. To cultivate the Filipino minds to be more aligned with the goal of preserving and promoting our local culture and tradition through various engaging activities including trainings, forums, story-telling, and other related events;
  3. To strengthen the Filipino legacy and nationalistic spirit by developing efficient and creative ways of sharing knowledge relative to the Philippine heritage that will increase public engagement and deepen the sense of pride between people and heritage



  • Promotional Contests

a. 2020 NHM Digital Poster Competition

The NHM 2020 Digital Poster Competitionshall serve as an avenue for amateur and aspiring digital artists to showcase their talents and have their work chosen as the official poster of the upcoming National Heritage Month 2020 celebration in May 2020. The poster must be a visual representation of the 2020 NHM theme: “Mga Kuwentong Pamana” (Stories of Heritage). The competition was open last November 27, 2019 and ended on January 9, 2020.

Winner: Joshual Perenal, 20 y/o, Taguig City

Collage of the contest entries:


b. 2020 NHM Jingle-writing Competition

The HIMIG NG PAMANA: NHM Jingle-Making Competition aims to create and strengthen the awareness and familiarity of the Filipinos on the NHM celebration, and advocate for the conservation, preservation, and care of the Philippine cultural heritage. The said competition is open to all amateur/professional songwriters, musicians, music enthusiasts, 18 years old  and above, who are residing in the Philippines. The jingle entry is expected to be upbeat and lively, and must drive up the interest of the general public to participate in the annual nationwide observance of the NHM. The competition was open last November 27, 2019 and ended on February 6, 2020.

Winner: Neil. T. Salarda, 40 y/o, Cebu City (HIMIG NG PAMANA) 

Composer/Arranger: Neil Salarda
Lyricist: John Willace Tubalde
Interpreter: Rene Jose Campomanes


  • Online Initiatives

a. Infographic Waves 

NHM infographics shall be published weekly for the whole month of May in the NCCA social media accounts and website. The posts will highlight facts about culture in general including declared cultural heritages, technical definitions, and laws/issuance concerning the preservation and promotion of Philippine heritage;


b. Calendar of Activities

Cultural agencies, government offices, schools, and other institutions are encouraged to submit their activities for NHM 2020 Calendar which will be posted for public information and engagement. For inclusion in the NHM 2020 Calendar, participating parties may fill out the form at: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1C-lks0XaZDvdFIOg2R6j7DH5LQrnLhnr

Then submit the accomplished form in word document file to the NHM secretariat at nhmsecretariat@gmail.com on or before April 20, 2020. 

c. Downloadable Publicity Materials

The NCCA shall release several promotional materials online which can be downloaded and used by the general public including phone wallpapers, online stickers, and profile picture frames, etc.


  • Installation of 2020 National Heritage Month Posters/Streamers in government offices and other sectors;



  • Issuances of memorandum circulars for the NHM Celebration 

Department of Foreign Affairs 

Civil Service Commission

Department of Interior and Local Government


  • Publishing of 2020 NHM Souvenir Program

A commemoration of all the activities done by different agencies, local government units, schools, Philippine embassies and consulates, public libraries, and private institutions for the 2020 NHM. This published material shall be distributed to the NCCA’s partners. For inclusion in the 2020 NHM Souvenir Program, kindly download and fill out the form at:


Then submit the accomplished form in word document file to the NHM secretariat at nhmsecretariat@gmail.com on or before June 15, 2020 (Monday). 




Participating parties from both the government and the private sector are enjoined to participate in activities that are open to the public; or initiate their own activities in line with the objectives and focus of the 2020 NHM.

Heritage Related Activities

Participating parties can hold forums, workshops, and conferences relative to Filipino heritage conservation. Online initiatives such as art/music/dance challenges and contests are encouraged as well. Such activities can be passed to the NCCA for inclusion in the 2020 NHM Calendar of Activities.

Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) Materials 

Effective IEC materials relative to the 2020 National Heritage Month such as brochures, infographics, and the NHM calendar, shall be made publicly accessible, and downloadable in the NCCA website and social media handles to strengthen promotion.



Online Advocacy

To spread the advocacy online, the hashtag #MgaKuwentongPamana and #NHM2020 shall be used in all posts related to the celebration. Agencies and private entities can also post on their website and respective social media accounts information, photos, videos, articles or activities in line with the NHM celebration.

Campaign Collaterals

Participating parties are encouraged to reproduce and distribute the collateral materials released by the NCCA for the celebration as part of their IEC material production and distribution including: USB Flashdrives, Shirts, Magnetic Bookmark, Phone Cardholder, and Tote Bags. The designs may be found in the NCCA website.



Downloadable collaterals:

2020 NHM Streamer for Agencies
2020 NHM Poster
2020 NHM Souvenir Items
2020 NHM Logo
2020 NHM Facebook Cover Photo
2020 NHM Facebook DP Frame
2020 NHM GIF Stickers
2020 NHM Phone/iPad Wall Papers