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The National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), as primary agency that creates policy on all matters concerning culture and the arts call the attention of the concerned government agencies and the general public on the issue of the misappropriation by private corporations of the names of heroes and historic and cultural sites. It appears that Destileria Limtuaco applied for and was granted the use of the name “Intramuros” for one of its alcoholic beverages. It has also applied for the use of the names of national heroes for its other alcoholic products. The Intramuros Administration has since opposed the use of its name.


The Commission strongly opposes such applications. Historic persons, national heroes and heritage sites are given the highest level of recognition and dignity by the State and imbued with public interest. Thus, their misappropriation for commercial enterprises or products not only distracts from the achievements of these persons or the importance of these sites, but sends the message that their names can be desacralized, privately owned and used to enrich private interests. Thus, no person or corporation should or ought to have any rights of ownership or other such congruent rights over them.


Felipe M. de Leon, Jr.
National Commission for Culture and the Arts





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