Price (PhP)
A Continuing Project: Hats, G - String, Girdles, Ornaments

Compilation of selections from the Philippine Ethnographic Collection.
Dr. Jesus T. Peralta Ph.D, et.alPhP 650.00
A Directory of Philippine Museums 2011

This directory of Philippine Museums is published through the endeavors of the NCCA-National Committee on Museums, and gathers into one book the contact details of almost 300 museums found all over the Philippines.
PhP 300.00
Ang Gakit ni Noebong

A collection of Stories by the author. (2008)
Satur P. ApoyonPhP 160.00
Ang Hudhud ni Rio Alma

A collection of poems by National Artist for Literature, Virgilio S. Almario and criticisms by five known writers. (2009)
Edited by Romulo P. Baquiran, JrPhP 100.00
Ang Wikang Filipino sa Loob at Labas ng Akademya’t Bansa (Sangfil Book # 1)

Compiles the papers delivered at the annual seminar- workshops of SANGFIL, one of the lead and active national organizations of teachers of Filipino in the elementary, secondary, and tertiary levels. The book includes essays by Virgilio Almario, Galileo Zafra, Mario Miclat, and Conrado de Quiros on myriad topics issues confronting the Filipino language today.
Edited by Dr. Benilda SantosPhP 500.00
Ang Inukit na Kaalaman ng Bayan ng Paete

A product of the writer’s three decades of research into Filipino sculpture. It tackles the different kinds of ukit or sculpture using the scalpel, from the Spanish era up to the present time. The writer also talks about the different traditions of ukit in the country particularly in Paete, Laguna. (2005)
Brenda FajardoPhP 550.00
A Dictionary of Bisayan Arts: Cebu, Hiligaynon, Waray

An expanded version of the earlier Dictionary of Cebuano Arts compiled by the same author and published in 2006 using only indigenous terms in Cebuano, Hiligaynon, and Waray. This book is an important aid in the reconstruction of native art categories and in the revival of tradition in the Bisayan region. (2009)
Complied and edited by Erlinda K. AlburoPhP 350.00
An Unusual Treatment

A collection of short stories from the author.
Dom CimafrancaPhP 200.00
Araw Magazine 2004 # 1

A culture and arts magazine on Philippine historical landmarks, famous artists, film, theater and museum reviews.
PhP 95.00
Awiting Bayan para sa Korong Pilipino Songbook

15 New choral works and arrangements in various Philippine language. This new arrangements of songs are from a wide range of traditional sources, which are give contemporary treatment. This is recommended for use by choral directors and enthusiasts tired of performing the same frequently heard songs.
Edited by Verne de la PeñaPhP 1,000.00
Bagyo sa Octubre

A collection of poems by the author. (2008)
Honesto M. Pesimo, Jr.PhP 200.00
Balangkas: A Resource Book on Care of Built Heritage

A resource book written by a group of volunteers, most of them connected with the Executive Committee on the NCCA. It discusses possible solutions to the many concerns of conservation, the ideal that each Filipino should assume stewardship of his heritage moves closer to reality.
Fernando ZialcitaPhP 101.50
Balsa: Poemas Chabacano

An individual collection of Chabacano poems.
Francis C. MacansantosPhP 150.00
Batis ng Kasaysayan, Volume 1

It is recommended for use by researchers and historians as most of the book’s content are not readily accessible in other history journals. Documents includes here are official documents on such as decrees, proclamations, and other reports on the Philippines. Also included are documents on the establishments of a certain place, including materials on local and oral history, and annotations provided by contribution historians, for the first issue, the documents cover the period of 1898 to 1913.
Edited by Bernardita Reyes ChurchillPhP 300.00
Batis ng Kasaysayan 2011, Volume 2

The Calendar of Documents in the Archives of the Cuerpo de Vigilancia de Manila, National Commission for Culture and the Arts (Batis ng Kasaysayan 2011) is a research guide to the manuscript collection. Originally known as the Katipunan and Rizal Documents”, the collection consists of nineteenth century official Spanish documents, dated 1896-1898, and includes manuscripts, printed materials, transcripts, and confidential written reports by intelligence agents of the Cuerpo de Vigilancia de Manila, newspaper clippings from Spanish and Philippine dailies, illustrations, and photographs. The information provided in these documents will prove useful in reconstructing the events of this significant period in Philippine history.
Edited by Bernardita Reyes ChurchillPhP 1500.00
Banaag at Sikat: Metakritisismo at Antolohiya

An anthology of critical essays on Banaag at Sikat of Lope K. Santos from 1907-1980.
Maria Luisa Torres ReyesPhP 120.00
Bridging Cultures: The Philippine Migrant Women

This is a collection of works of Jessica Hagedorn, Fatima Lim-Wilson, and Sophia Romero—Philippine American women writers who have created literature that reflects the need to recontextualize the feminine to cope with the cultural displacement of living in diaspora. The binary of “Philippine” and “American” are deconstructed as these women recast themselves in the dislocation of migration.
Hope Sabanpan YuPhP 240.00
Bulawan 6-13, 15-19

Contains scholarly views, discussions of issues, problems and other matters related to the history and development of arts and culture in the Philippines. (Vol. 6 to 19)
Edited by Virgilio S. AlmarioPhP 200.00
Calendario Bulakeño 900 AD 2007

An important publication in terms of recognizing the contributions of Bulacan in promoting arts, culture, economy, and politics in the Philippines. This books is considered as the bible that will guide Bulakenyos who love to serve his beloved Bulacan province. (Manila 2009)
Jaime Salvador CorpuzPhP 600.00
Collection Building: Filipiniana

A compilation of Dr. Isagani R. Medina’s vision of identifying, acquiring, and organizing Filipiniana materials. The articles in this book provide background about printing, publishing, and bibliographic activities in the Philippines and also insights into a lot of things Filipiniana: acquisition, organization, servicing, conservation, and preservation for reference and research purposes. (2010)
Isagani R. Medina (Compiled by Mirana R. Medina)PhP 350.00
Dila ng Bayan

This book is a collection of three interrelated articles on language history and culture by Dr. Isagani R. Medina. It is a part of a five-volume compilation of his essays titled “Mga Ani ni Gani”, which was written from 1951 to 1995.
Isagani R. MedinaPhP 280.00
Espasyo: The Journal Architecture of Philippines Volume I

A peer-reviewed journal created under the auspices of the NCCA Committee on Architecture and the Allied Arts. This journal promotes the publication of architectural design research, focusing on project-based design research and associated discourses on Filipino spatial design. The editors welcomed contributions related to a wide range of issues, which include, but are not limited to:Design, History, Theory and Criticism, Teaching and Pedagogy, Design Process and Methods, Building and Material Science, Environment and Behavior, Visual Communication, Design Computing and Cognition, Urban Design and Community Architecture, and Environmental Technology.
Gerard A. Lico, Ph.D.(Executive Editor)PhP 365.00
Espasyo: The Journal Architecture of Philippines Volume II, III

The peer-reviewed journal created under the auspices of the National Committee on Architecture and the Allied Arts of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), which promotes the publication of architectural design research, focusing on project-based design research and associated discourses on Filipino spatial design.
Gerard A. Lico, Ph.D.(Executive Editor)PhP 250.00
Filipino at Pagpaplanong Pangwika (Sangfil #2)

Compiles the papers delivered at the annual seminar-workshops of SANGFIL, one of the lead and active national organizations of teachers of Filipino in the elementary, secondary, and tertiary levels. The book includes essays by Virgilio Almario, Galileo Zafra, Mario Miclat, Rene Villanueva and Bienvenido Lumbera on a myriad of issues confronting the Filipino language today. It also contains position papers on topics pertaining to the use of English language in Philippine education.
Margarita MarforiPhP 500.00
Fractional Lives

Fractional Lives, part of the Tubao Book Series of the Davao Writers Guild is a collection of short stories written by Margarita Marfori since 1995. The stories presented seem to revolve on relationships marked by alienation, whether it is between daughter and parents, husband and wife, or mother and children.
Margarita MarforiPhP 150.00
Haliya Anthology of Bikol Poets and Poems

Three part anthology of poets and poems, past and present.
Edited by Maria Lilia F. RealubitPhP 150.00
Hinapid: The Ibabao Anthology Samarnon Literary

An anthology of plays by the author
Fray Paolo Maria Diosdado Casurao y GranadosPhP 350.00
Ang Inahan ni Mila

A story of a beautiful woman, divorced wife, and dominating mother who hopes to secure all the privileges that she that she has been deprived of through her daughter, Mila.
Austregelina Espina-Moore and Translated by Hope Sabanpan-YuPhP 150.00
Indayog Magazine, Volume II

A dance magazine
PhP 150.00
In My Own Little Corner

Award winning stories and screenplays by Jeanne Lim: In My Own Little Corner; My Mommie Dearest; No Passport Needed; Off-Line; Speedy and Jet; and Gulong.
My Mommie Dearest – a one-act play about three ungrateful siblings as they quibble over who should take care of their aged mother.
No Passport Needed – the basis for cinemalaya short film, presents the shady underworld of illegal immigration as a little black comedy.
Off-Line – finalists in a Hollywood Pitch-mart contest, follows a sultry New York art dealer as she tracks down a reclusive painter in a tropical Philippine island and uncover his dark and painful past.
Gulong – winner of Palanca Full-Length play in Filipino and basis for Cinemalaya movie which chronicles the summer misadventures of of three mischievous children in their quest to buy a very special bike. (2009)
Jeanne LimPhP 200.00
Isang Sariling Panahon

Poems in the traditional short Filipino forms of tanaga, diyona, dalit and three Talingdaw.
Rio Alma (Virgilio Almario)PhP 200.00
Kuraldal Atlung Ari and Libad Bangka ng Apung – Iru

This book gets into the heart of two Pampanga’s grandest and most celebrated rituals: the Kuraldal Atlung Ari in Sasmuan; and Libad Bangka Nang Apung Iru in Apalit. Stories, images and insights of devotees and authorities on theology, social psychology, and Kapampangan history and culture. (2008)
Nina L.B. TomenPhP 300.00
Likhandula: Improbisasyon sa Sining Pantanghalan

Lesson Plan Training Manual for Theater Artist practitioners who teach theater arts. (2007)
Editor Edward PerezPhP 300.00
Locus / Interventions in Art Practice

A compilation of works which was the output of the project of Lopez Memorial Museum and Pananaw ng Sining Bayan, Inc. through a grant from the Japan Foundation and NCCA. (2005)
PhP 200.00
Manila Selected Papers 19th Book Annual

A collection of selected works about Manila.
Edited by Bernardita Reyes Churchill and Lorelei D.C. de ViannaPhP 500.00
Mga Siday Han Dyvl

Waray language in print. It is a unique affirmation of the exuberance of literary creativity of Leyte and Samar. The poetic traditions of waray and the new poetry emerging from younger writers.
Edited by Merlie M. Alunan, Evelina M. Acebedo, Francisca S. Custodio, and Rosemarie P. AgnerPhP 150.00
Men at Sea Book

A collection of 10 short stories written in Cebuano language. (2009)
By Gremer Chan Reyes and translated by Hope Sabanpan-YuPhP 300.00
Mountain Province

Designed to introduce the ethnolinguistic groups in the country
Elsie S. PadeoPhP 80.00
Muse and Balikbayan

Two plays by National Artist for Literature, F. Sionil José.
Dong-Ao, the second act of Balikbayan, is a traditional Ilokano ritual. Usually performed by friends and relatives of the deceased through wailing which is done during wakes and before the coffin is lowered into the grave. Muse, a one-act play about an architect/fashion designer and his conversation with his cousin who wants to leave her rich, gay husband. (Manila, 2008)
By F. Sionil JoséPhP 150.00
Oral Literature of Ifugao

The book about Ifugao and the Ifugao. It also classifies Ifugao oral literature into types and subtypes and provides sample pieces.
Edited by Manuel B. DulawanPhP 400.00
Pagsasatubuanan (Poetikang Bikolnon)

A book about Bicol poetry and how to write about it, written in Bikolnon language. (2008)
Jose Jason L. ChancocoPhP 250.00
Paghigugma-anay: Romansa at Pagniniig sa Kasaysayang Pilipino

This is a collection of papers r presented during the 21st Pambansang Kumperensya sa Kasaysayan at Kalinangan ng Asosasyon ng mga Dalubhasa, may Hilig at Interes sa Kasaysayan (National Conference on History and Culture). Paghigugma-anay is a visayan word for lovers, or loving in general, and has been the theme for the said conference, where issues that affect the Philippine society are studied and brought to light.
Nilo S. OcampoPhP 230.00
Pambansang Balagtasan

Selected entries of Balagtasan pieces used in competition mostly in the High School level and some pointers on how to do rhyme and meter in a Filipino poem. (Quezon City, 2009)
Edited by Galileo S. ZafraPhP 200.00
Pananaw 5, 7

Showcases Filipino visual arts as well as the artists through in-depth essays and reviews written by leading art critics.
PhP 1,000.00

This book is doubly coded to encompass both the concepts of projected moving image (palabas) and the exteriority of architecture (panglabas). Both post a sense of place, a sense of locus. The collection of images showcased in this compendium dramatizes the juxtaposition of architecture and the imaginary environment of the cinema, and at the same time, probes the transformation of Filipino space, architecture, and urban landscape as visualized and mediated through the cinematic lens. (2009)
Gerard LicoPhP 274.00
Pasumbingay (Antolohiya sa Sugbuanong Balak)

A gathering of fresh voices and new poems by the members of BATHALAD literary group from Cebu. It offers proof that the state of Cebuano poetry is very much alive and kicking. The 23 poets included in this anthology consist of three generations of Cebuano poets---the old gurads, virtuosos, and future torch bearers. (2009)
BATHALAD (Edited by Adonis Durado, Maria Victoria Beltran, and Anthony Kintanar)PhP 200.00
Philippine Archives Directory 1991

A nationwide survey and comprehensive listing of government and private archives and archival holdings compiled by the National Committee on Archives of the Presidential Commission on Culture and the Arts in 1991. A gathered information through the use of questionnaire/ survey forms.
PhP 250.00
Philippines Archive Directory 2000

A listing of government, private institutions and local government agencies that are involved in archives preservation and management.
PhP 300.00
Philippine Ballet Syllabus V-VIII

The second part of the Philippine ballet syllabus made for teachers and students of ballet ages 15 and above. It contains the general and technical guidelines of teaching and practicing Classical Ballet in the Philippines.
Written by Felicitas L. Radaic, Noordin A. Jumalon, and Vella S. DamianPhP 450.00
Philippine International Visual Arts Fest ’09 PIVAF ‘09

In connection with the Philippine International Arts Festival 2009, this is a catalogue of the collection of best works for Ani ng Sining 2009. (2009)
PhP 375.00
Poetica at Politika ng Malikhaing Pagsulat

A compilation of works by popular young writers. (2008)
Edited by Rolando B. TolentinoPhP 267.00
Ranga Journal of Bikol Writing, Volume 2

The journal on Bikol writing with literary pieces, which students and teachers may use to supplement their learning. Ranga means comfort and this book is made to express art and to give comfort or to offer a means for a way out.
Realubit, Maria Lilia F; et.alPhP 50.00
Remembering my Lolo Simon O. Tecson

A biography on the life of Simon OcamponTecson, a leader in the siege of Baler
Luis Zamora TecsonPhP 500.00
Resistance and Revolution: Philippine Archipelago in Arms (SB)

A body of historical papers on local heroes and heroines, events, and institutions that can be used to reconstruct a truly national history of the Filipino revolutionary struggle.
Edited by Dr. Bernardita Reyes ChurchPhP 350.00
Sangfil 3 Salin-suri: Panimulang Pagmamapa ng Pag-aaral ng Pagsasalin sa Filipinas

A sourcebook and study on Filipino language and translation
Galileo S. ZafraPhP 500.00
Salvador Bernal Designing the Stage (Coffee Table)

A singularly important book both for the breadth of its scholarship on the oeuvre of the first National Artist for Theater Design, Salvador F. Bernal, as well as for the intimacy of its portrait of the man whose creativity and erudition inform his every design. Tiongson’s trademark comprehensive scholarship is a perfect complement to the incredible scope of Bernal’s theatrical designs—more than 250 productions in theater and film—revealing a persistently bold, ambitious, and innovative artist.
Nicanor G. TiongsonPhP 2,800.00

A collection of Ilocano short stories translated in Tagalog.
Translated by Ariel S. TabagPhP
Sanghaya 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005

The latest volume chronicling the diverse artistic events that transpired in 2004. (also available Sanghaya 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004)
Edited by Bienvenido LumberaPhP 900.00
Sapang Palay: Hacienda, Urban Resettlement and Core of City

A creative non-fiction by the author on San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan
Jaime B. VeneracionPhP 500.00
Shell Ornamentation

A book about the description of the shell ornamentation decorated on the La Purisima Concepcion Parish Church in Guiuan, Eastern Samar.
Angel P. BautistaPhP 300.00
Sulib: Mga Usapin ng Pagkabansa 1899-1935

A collection of studies of the Philippine History
Edited by Rhina Alvero-Boncocan, Ma. Susana Picones-Fermin, and Ryan V. PaladPhP 200.00
Sungdu-an 3

A catalogue of Sungdu-an: A Life of Confluent Vision in a Conflicted World exhibition held last August 17 to September 18, 2007 with the theme Museum of Three Cultures held at Capitol University in Cagayan de Oro City. (2008)
Project Director Patrick D. Flores, Ph.D.PhP 300.00
Sungdu-an 5

A catalogue of Sungdu-an: A Life of Confluent Vision in a Conflicted World exhibition held last August 17 to September 18, 2007 with the theme Museum of Three Cultures held at Capitol University in Cagayan de Oro City. (2008)
Project Director Patrick D. Flores, Ph.D.PhP 300.00
Suri at Sipat: Araling Ka Amado

A collection of the papers read at a forum commemorating the birth centenary of National Artist in Literature Amado V. Hernandez. Includes essays by Bienvenido Lumbera, Rosario Torres-Yu, Epifanio San Juan, Jr., and Enrique Francia.
Edited by Alice G. Guillermo and Charlie Samuya VericPhP 250.00

The accompanying catalogue to the CCP exhibition of the works of the late Santiago Bose. In Memory features a critical essay from art critic Alice Guillermo and a touching personal sketch from the artist’s daughter, Lilledeshan, and former wife, Peggy Bose. Beautifully illustrated, the booklet celebrates the life and times of one of the art world’s most beloved figures.
PhP 300.00
Telon: Mga Piling Dula

This contains seven award-winning plays such as Luna Sicat Cleto’s Maternal; Rolando S. Dela Cruz’s Gamu-gamo sa Kanto ng East Avenue; Tim Dacanay’s Teatro Porvenir; Elmar Beltran Ingles’s Serbis; Nicolas B. Pichay’s Koloring Koloraw: Kuwentong Akabaw; Rene O. Villanueva’s Baby B.; and Kaaway sa Sulod, written and collaborated by Villanueva and Dela Cruz. The plays focus on social or political issues that confront a third world country such as the Philippines, and make readers realize life’s complexities, ironies, and issues.
Sicat-Cleto, Luna et. alPhP 246.00
Terror in Manila

A first hand account of a Spanish writer who lived in the Philippines during Japanese occupation and during the World War II era. (2005)
By Antonio Pérez de Olaguer and translated by Trinidad O. Regala, Edited by Bernardita R. ChurchillPhP 200.00
The Best of Dagmay

This volume presents creative works (fiction, poetry, drama, and creative nonfiction) published in Dagmay, the weekly literary publication of the Davao Writers Guild. These are selected by Ricardo M. De Ungria, Macario D. Tiu, Jhoanna Lynn B. Cruz, and Dominique Gerald M. Cimafranca.

De Ungria, Ricardo et.alPhP 300.00
The Gold and Silver Collection (SB)

Details the centuries-old collection of religious art of San Agustin Church, the oldest stone church in the Philippines.
PhP 600.00
The Iloko

Designed to introduce the ethnolinguistic groups in the country.
M.L.I. IngelPhP 80.00
The Journal of History Volume 56

Selected papers from the 30th National Conference on Local and National History of the Philippine National Historical Society (PNHS), held in Tagbilaran City, Bohol.
(Issue editors) Rolando Borrinaga, Bernardita Reyes ChurchillPhP 550.00
The Journal of History Vol. 57

This 57th volume of the Journal of History contains papers presented during the 31st National Conference on Local and National History of the Philippine National Historical Society (PNHS), hosted by the Mindanao State University – General Santos in General Santos City, South Cotabato on 21-23 October 2010. The papers included in this issue are based on the Conference’s theme entitled, “Towards a National History: Mindanao and Sulu Local History in the Context of National History”.
(Issue editors) Rolando Borrinaga, Bernardita Reyes ChurchillPhP 550.00
The NAMCYA Anthology of Phil. Choral Music Book Vol. 2

A compilation of Philippine choral composition by 23 Filipino composers, with works made for children, youth, college and mixed choirs commissioned by NAMCYA from the late 1980ñ to 2003. Composition represent styles of the late 20th century Philippine music.
Edited by Verne de la PeñaPhP 300.00
The Drama of It: A Life on Film and Theater

A book about the life in Theater and Film of two National Artists, Daisy H. Avellana and Lamberto V. Avellana.
Daisy Hontiveros AvellanaPhP 595.00
Tigsik Bicol Book

A book about Bikolano culture and arts written in Bikolano language. (2008)
By Aida B. CirujalesPhP 200.00
Tinge of Red

Traces the development of art in the Philippines beginning from the finding of a red smudge on a piece of earthenware vessel found in a Neolithic Age habitation in Tawi-Tawi.
by Dr. Jesus T. PeraltaPhP 250.00

A collection of essays by some of the country’s foremost critics and writers that show approaches to problems of utilizing literary texts in revealing contingent realities about Philippine history. Each point of view is open to adventure. Each leads both scholar and critic right into the thickets and prickly brushes of literary and historical texts. In this way, they are able to identify the pivotal method and the literary subject they want to explore and resituate in a period of history.
Edited by Victor SugbuPhP 200.00

Two screenplays titled Tradisyon and Laloma. A chronicle of the lives of ordinary people as they face everyday crises. Even with problems, Lim’s characters never devolve into historionics and instead meet the challenges with humor, acceptance, and quiet heroism.
Tradisyon -Follows the life of Ramon Co, a patriach of Filipino-Chinese family, first as a young immigrant and later as a businessman, husband, father, and grandfather. It holds stories of culture, friendship, love, steadfastness, and forgiveness.
Laloma – set in the eponymous cemetery. It paints a picture of the lives of the many denizens of the thriving community as seen through the eye of Pilar, a sassy mausoleum caretaker. (2009)
Jeanne LimPhP 200.00
Tuhog: An Artist Assemblage in Mindanaw

A list of Mindanao-based artists
PhP 365.00
Viva Kay Señor Santo Niño (SB)

Highlights the evolution of the Santo Niño Ati-Atihan Festival in Aklan, a colorful festival in honor of the Child Jesus.
Marcela Mijares Reyes-TinaganPhP 500.00
Writ Hop

This book is a collection of essays presented by critics and young writers in two national conferences held under the auspices of the NCCA. This collection introduces us to young writers’ perspectives and analyses of new writing in the Philippines.
Edited by Ricardo De Ungria and Erlinda AlburoPhP 177.00
Yudiman (Bicol Book)

A collection of Bicolano children’s short stories written in Bikolano language.(2009)
Edited by Carlos A. Arejola and Lorna A. BillanesPhP 200.00
YUTA (Earthworks Catalogue)

An avenue to showcase the artistry of Julie Lluch—one of the foremost exponents of terracotta in the Philippines—but also a learning and inspiring experience for all artists and art enthusiasts in the country. A catalogue of the retrospective exhibition of the multi-awarded artist. (2008)
Julie LluchPhP 400.00

Ubod New Authors Series is a project of the Ateneo Institute of Literary Arts and Practice and the NCCA National Committee on Literary Arts of NCCA. It features first-time authors across the country and across several languages. It highlights the works of fourteen young authors. (2009 and 2010)
PhP 100.00
Arkitekturang Filipino CD: Spaces and Places in History

This is an attempt to present and express an alternative approach to understanding architecture. Contrary to traditional notion of architecture as a resulting object or product, this CD-ROM highlights the concept of architecture as a process, which takes root from its interactions with the society and natural environment.
PhP 250.00
Awit sa Panginoon

Sung by the Ateneo Chamber Singers, conducted by Jonathan Velasco
The title comes from resident composer Robin Estrada’s Awit sa Panginoon, a contemporary work which features a tenor soloist and two pasyon style singers. The composer utilizes a "call and response" form and creates texture with a series of intervallic duets. He also juxtaposes eastern and western vocal techniques, sometimes having them morph from one to the other in the same musical line. Several favorite pieces are also included in this recording.
PhP 350.00
Audio Visual Architecture Textbook DVD

This audio-visual textbook traces the evolution of Philippine Architecture from its earliest beginnings to its final metamorphosis as a distinct art form that incorporates Asian and Western influences. This development is evocatively captured in four exquisitely photographed episodes presented in chronological chapters. (2009)
Gerard LicoPhP 410.00
Building Modernity CD Rom

A century of Philippine architecture and Allied Arts. This CD-Rom aims to present the landmarks of Philippine architecture in the last century, structures that have been created within the framework of modernism. The different buildings presented here are those that shaped the complex Filipino architectural culture in the 20th century. (2008)
by Virginia Laico-VillanuevaPhP 525.00
Compendium CD laws and jurisprudence on Culture and the Arts

An E-book about the mentioned title. (2008)
Atty. Roseller L. BarinagaPhP 90.00
Dungog " Indigenous People Festival"

Highlights of the 2009 celebration of Indigenous Peole’s Month tagged as “Dungog” held in Roxas City, Capiz
PhP 100.00
El Collar de Sampaguita

A collection of folk songs from Zamboanga
PhP 150.00
Legacy: Philippine World Heritage Sites (VCD & VHS)

Follow Architect Augusto Villalon, the country’s foremost heritage conservation advocate, as he journeys to the eight Philippine World Heritage Sites, inscribed by UNESCO for their "outstanding universal value to the whole of humanity." Showcased in this landmark video documentary are the Tubbataha Reef Marine Park, the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, the Rice Terraces of the Philippine Cordilleras, the historic town of Vigan, and the Four Baroque Churches of Paoay, Santa Maria, Miag-ao and San Agustin. Directed by Butch Nolasco.
PhP 250.00
Mapaghimalang Birheng Caysasay CD

Music by Ryan Cayabyab
The soundtrack of the musical with the same title.
PhP 371.00
Pasintabi and From Lines to Life DVD

“Pasintabi” is a 40-minute animation film on Filipino folklore; while “From Lines to Life” is an instructional video on animation
Tuldok AnimationsPhp 350.00
Philippine Architecture DVD Vol. 1-4

Audio Visual Textbook of Philippine Architecture from the past up to the present.
Authored by Gerard A. Lico, Ph.D.PhP 1,571.00
Poetic Tryst CD

Women In Literary Arts, Inc.
A collection of poetries in Visayan language and English by the Women In Literary Arts, Inc. recorded in Cebu City. (2009)
PhP 300.00
Poetika/Politika CD

A CD containing the collection of poems by the National Artist for Literature, Bienvenido Lumbera, which was originally from a book of the same title. (2008)
By Bienvenido LumberaPhP 170.00
Road Map Series (CD ROM)

A compilation of poetries by contemporary writers.
PhP 895.00
Survey of Academic Libraries CD

A project by NCCA and The Philippine Association of Teachers and Library and Information Science (PATLS)
As the title suggests, this CD is a compilation of the survey of academic libraries in the Philippines.
PhP 150.00
Survey of Public Libraries CD

In compact disc form. This survey aims to obtain baseline data on public libraries in the Philippines for the library information Bank Project of the National Committee on Libraries and Information Services. (2009)
By Juan C. Buenrostro, Jr., Ed.D.PhP 150.00
Tigre sa Zoo

A collection of poems by the National Artists in Literature, Virgilio S. Almario and other discussions about Tagalog poetry in audio-CD form. (2009)
Rio AlmaPhP 234.00
The Philippine Through the Lens of an American Soldier

This collection of photographs and essays explores the different aspects of Philippine social life as told by an American soldier stationed in the country during the American occupation. It also examines interdisciplinary critical outlook on representation and its ramifications on cultural life.
PhP 400.00
Violin Heritage Performance CD#2, 3, 5-13

Violin renditions performed by Ms. Carmencita Lozada.
PhP 286.00

For inquiries, please contact the Public Affairs and Information Section (PAIS) at 527-2192 local 630 or email:;