Role of the NCCA SR Main Branch in relation to SR branches:

  • Provide the embassy/consulate/ any interested institution with adequate information about the role and functions of SR;
  • Assist SR Branches in the following:
  • Identifying resource persons for the conduct of lectures/workshops relevant to Philippine culture and the arts, such as dance; rondalla/music training; language courses; culinary arts demonstrations, etc.
  • Securing films that may be shown for the holding of Film festivals;
  • Identifying artists/performers for cultural performances;
  • Providing lists of significant materials on Philippine culture and arts to enhance library collection;
  • Sourcing of exhibition materials on Philippine culture and arts and facilitating preparations for the event;
  • Provide trainings for Cultural Attache/ Officers of Philippine posts in-charge of Sentro Rizal;
  • Advise any SR branch with proposed activities which could be undertaken; and
  • Monitor the activities of SR branches.


Role of the SR Branches

  • Act as lead implementer of Sentro Rizal’s programs and activities in their respective countries;
  • Coordinate with the main SR regularly regarding the execution and assessment of their programs;
  • Establish a well-connected networking on resource sharing and partnership with other institutions/ organizations including Filipino communities in their countries;
  • Ensure participation of Overseas Filipinos in their programs and activities; and
  • Submit short term (1-3 years) and long term (5-10 years) plan of activities in relation to the promotion of Philippine Culture and Arts to the main SR a year ahead of its implementation date