Within the pandemic years of 2020 and 2021, the Durungawan Series, a project of the National Committee on Cultural Education (CulEd), Subcommittee on Cultural Dissemination of the NCCA, has been conducted in a virtual model. The initial launch in 2020 was upscaled in 2021 in terms of design, technological support, and the scope of topics covered. Apart from an increased number of participations, participation also expanded from among the DepEd teachers to other cultural education workers from Local Government  Units (LGUs), the tourism sector, and a sprinkling of other interested sectors. The conduct of a series of regional schedules was insurance of wider participation from across the Philippines which also allowed more latitude of attendance when participants from their respective regions were unable to join the schedule arranged for the region.

The 2022 Durungawan project is envisioned to be offered in virtual modality again given the continuing covid infection. The two years of digitally conducted Durungawan are further instructive on what areas need to be improved in both scope and management. For 2022, the CulEd banner project, Balag at Tukod,  is forwarded as an added thematic feature for the year while still carrying the theme “Culture-based  Education: Enriching Instruction, Enabling Integration, and Enhancing Contextualization”.


The 2022 Durungawan design continues to anchor on the goal of promoting cultural education in all  domains of teaching-learning processes in the Philippines where culture-based education is viewed as a  grounding of instruction and the student learns in shared ways of being, knowing, and doing (Magno,  2017). Through the series, target participants are exposed to the multiple facets of Philippine culture as creative articulations of the Filipino soul with the aim of making them more sensitive and attentive to the diversity of Philippine culture. Such understanding is viewed as a way of enhancing the participants’  professional expertise, particularly among teachers in articulating more culture-based instructional plan in the variety of subjects in the K-12 curriculum.  

The 2022 Durungawan framework further includes an upscaling of the topical coverage of the series. In particular, the current CulEd thrust on “Cultural Economy Heritage and Institutionalization within the New  Normal through Cultural Education” is forwarded in the context of the covid pandemic reality that posed challenges to the sustainability of communities and the schooling system. Alongside, the mandate of the Updated Philippine Development Plan (PDP) 2017-2022 to revitalize the sustainable cultural spirit of Bayanihan finds relevance and timeliness in the current pandemic context. Hence, one of the two banner projects of the CulEd, “Balag at Tukod” in its cultural diversity of manifestations, is deemed significant as a recovery engine for communities across the country. In this regard, cultural education takes a pivotal role in “raising awareness and understanding of our diverse cultures, implementing a National Values  Formation Program based on our shared values, nurturing Filipino creativity for social impact, and mainstreaming culture-sensitivity in governance and development” (Duhaylungsod, 2020). 


For 2022, the participants are expected to sharpen further their culture-based understanding and appreciation within the three-day duration through the presentation of lesson exemplars and learning resource materials. The learning resources that will be gleaned from the presentations will hopefully enable them to design their own contextualized, localized, and indigenized lessons in varied curricular subjects. More specifically for teachers, at the end of the training session, participants are expected to 

  1. Engage in discussions on conceptual framework, theoretical designs or lesson examples on each  topic; 
  2. Share their own insights and experiences relevant to the topical coverage of the series; 
  3. Complete their attendance to the series.


The National Committee on Cultural Education under the Subcommission on Cultural Dissemination of NCCA will be having another webinar series on culture-based education entitled “Mga Durungawan sa Kulturang Pilipino”. Part of this program is the Durungawan Music Writing Competition in which the program’s goal is to have an official theme song for the project as appreciation in one of the Windows of Philippine Culture which is the “Musikang Pinoy”. 


  1. The contestant must be the “ORIGINAL” composer of the submitted music composition;
  2. The lyrics of the music composition must be in Filipino;
  3. The music composition must be “ORIGINAL” which embodies the ideals, nature and goals of DURUNGAWAN (attached, Durungawan Rationale, Framework and Objectives);
  4. The entire music must not exceed five (5) minutes;
  5. The music genre must be pop;
  6. The entry must be recorded, arranged and interpreted. If possible, a written (notation) music must accompany each entry.
  7. The entry must be accompanied by a text of the lyrics;
  8. The entry must be in either of the ff format: AAC, FLAC, OGG, Opus or MP3;
  9. Each contestant/composer must submit only one (1) entry;
  10. All entries must be submitted on or before June 16, 2022. The call will be starting on May 16, 2022 and the announcement of winners will be on July 14, 2022, via the Official NCCA Facebook Page.
  11. The decision of the judges based on the criteria of judging is final;
  12. The contestant/composer shall retain the copyright ownership of the submitted musical composition;
  13. The contestant/composer shall allow NCCA to disseminate the original musical composition, without fee, within the mandate of the NCCA to promote culture and the arts worldwide;
  14. The contestant/composer shall release the NCCA from any claim, damages, and legal action as a result of any intellectual property rights violation of the composer;
  15.  The contestant/composer may submit their creations for possible recording/publication by appropriate recording and / or production firms

Criteria for Judging

    1. Music composition (30%) – recall and strength of melody, appropriateness of genre used, creativity and skill in the use of music composition styles and techniques
    2. Text/Lyrics (25%) – appropriateness and loyalty to the ideals, goals, and nature of DURUNGAWAN
    3. Originality (25%) – originality of text and music
    4. Performance (20%) – captivating interpretation and performance of the recorded composition


    • First: 25,000
    • Second: 18,000
    • Third: 12,000

Note: All prizes are subject to applicable government taxes


Submit your Entries and Accomplished Data Entry Form with E-signature via email and/or USB to:

Project Coordinator & Assistant PDO
“Mga Durungawan sa Kulturang Pilipino”
National Committee on Cultural Education
National Commission for Culture and the Arts
633 General Luna Street, Intramuros, Manila
8527-2192 local 538/541 from Monday to Thursday