The National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) equips for various programs such as the NCCA 2023 Competitive Grants Program, Philippine Heritage Award, Gallery Exhibit, Linggo ng Musikag Pilipino, Cultural Resiliency and Recovery Plan (CRRP), and the Valueserye titled Project Destination. 

NCCA Competitive Grants Program

The NCCA Competitive Grants Program is competitive in nature since the approval of project proposals pass through a rigorous and confidential evaluation process based on merit such as quality and relevance to Commission priorities. The projects are categorized per Subcommissions—Subcommission on the Arts (SCA); Subcommission on Cultural and Traditional Arts (SCCTA); Subcommission on Cultural Dissemination (SCD); and Subcommission on Cultural Heritage (SCH). 

Currently, the NCCA is accepting project proposals for 2023 until August 31, 2022, and proponents interested in implementing projects in each category shall submit a Project Proposal following the requirements and shall be addressed and submitted to:

Program Management Division (PMD)
National Commission for Culture and the Arts
Room 5-C, Fifth Floor, NCCA Building
633 General Luna Street, Intramuros 1002 Manila, Philippines
Telephone Nos: (02) 8527-2192 (TL) loc. 509
Fax Nos: (02) 8527-2198 / (02) 8527-2209 / (02) 8527-2194

Interested proponents can only submit one project proposal; must fully accomplish the prescribed NCCA Project Proposal Form; must indicate and identify the corresponding category where his/her project will fall; must submit the documentary requirements; must be accredited by the Commission as a pre-requisite to the approval of their project proposal; may be accomplished in Filipino or English.

Philippine Heritage Award

The Philippine Heritage Award (PHA) is a conservation recognition program given by the President of the Republic of the Philippines upon the recommendation of the NCCA for special achievements and contributions and services in the area of heritage preservation and conservation efforts.

The PHA has six categories— Adaptive Reuse, Conservation – Built Heritage, Conservation – Movable Cultural Properties, Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage, Heritage Education and Interpretation, and Heritage Programs Support.

The PHA shall be given to groups and/or individuals whose projects have been completed within the last two years prior to the closing date of the applications with exceptions of projects such as school curriculums and tours which are continuously implemented under the Heritage Education and Interpretation category and must be within Philippine territory. 

A project may be submitted to more than one category; applications may be submitted by any individual, government and non-government cultural organization, and educational institution, and shall be accepted only when supporting documentation are submitted. Deadline of call is until August 31, 2022.

For any questions and more information about the PHA: 2022, please contact us through 

National Commission for Culture and the Arts
Tel No. (02) 8527-2192 loc 324
Mobile No. +639283984140

NCCA Gallery Exhibition 

The NCCA Gallery is a joint initiative of the National Committee on Art Galleries (NCAG) under the Subcommission on Cultural Heritage, and the National Committee on Visual Arts (NCVA) under the Subcommission on the Arts. Through this, both the NCAG and the NCVA aim to provide young and emerging artists a venue for exposure without curtailing creative exploration and expression. Likewise, established artists will have the opportunity to share their conceptual narratives to the audience and encourage engagements in the arts.

Thus, every year, the NCCA opens its Call for Exhibition Proposals to the public to give opportunity for Filipino artists from different backgrounds, different affiliations, and different regions to showcase their work to a wider audience without compromising their creative vision.

Call for exhibition proposal is open until August 15, 2022. Proposals may be accomplished in Filipino and English by any Filipino citizen or any group or institution based in the Philippines. Proposals from foreign institutions or groups should be coursed through the NCCA International Affairs Office. All exhibition proposals shall be submitted through the Google Forms link ( and will be accepted only when the proper supporting documents are submitted. Applicants will be notified of the result of the screening through an official communication that will be released around October 2022. Furthermore, applicants of approved exhibitions are oriented about their roles and responsibilities, and exhibition agreement between the Commission and the exhibitor is executed.

For complete details of the call, kindly visit  and Facebook page. You may also coordinate with the NCCA Gallery Secretariat through emails and or (02) 8527-2192 local 328 / 09195470908 / 09277526130. 

Linggo ng Musikang Pilipino

By virtue of Presidential Proclamation no. 933 signed in 2014, last week of July every year is declared as Linggo ng Musikang Pilipino that aims to achieve its long-term goal of reviving original Pilipino music that the Filipino audience has awareness and appreciation of homegrown music; promote and develop the local music industry not only advances Filipino art and culture, but also contributes to the development of the economy, providing employment and revenue stream, and supporting other local industries; and revitalize government efforts to promote Philippine music.

This 2022, the NCCA and the Filipino Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers, Inc. (FILSCAP) are in the works to serve various programs and activities for the public in celebration of Linggo ng Musikang Pilipino.

Cultural Resiliency and Recovery Program


Since the declaration of public health emergency throughout the Philippines due to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), among the policies imposed are the Republic Act (RA) No. 11469 or the Bayanihan to Heal as One Act, and Executive Order (EO) No. 112, wherein culture and arts activities were categorized as “non-essential” and thus, not part of what is being prioritized for COVID-19 response. 

The Department of Finance (DOF) and the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) identified arts, entertainment, and recreation as at the top of the 10 hardest-hit business sectors, followed by tourism. Industry associations and networks associated with the creative industries also released data attesting to the revenue and income losses suffered by businesses, workers, and freelancers within their ambit.

The NCCA recognized the importance of contributing to efforts to study the effects of the ongoing pandemic on the Philippine culture and arts sector to shape response measures and enable the sector toward recovery. Thus, NCCA initiated the development of the CRRP that aims to conduct an assessment of the state of the culture and arts sector in the Philippines in the time of COVID-19 that would inform responses moving forward and develop a CRRP that would enable culture and arts stakeholders to identify differentiated initiatives oriented toward responding to the recovery needs of the sector and developmental and sustainable strategies for the sector considering the impact of the pandemic; determine other initiatives to realize targets set in Chapter 7 of the PDP 2017-2022 Enhanced Midterm Update with the theme “A healthy and resilient Philippines;” and influence enactment and implementation of legislation and other COVID-19 recovery measures.

“Project Destination,” Valueserye

The series aims to explore and investigate Filipino cultural values through the point of view of Andre, a 23-year-old Filipino-American, estranged from both his biological family and Filipino heritage, goes on a journey back to the Philippines upon learning of his father’s death. In this journey, he discovers his own personal history, and the cultural and social values that he, despite being brought up in a faraway land, inherently has in his Filipino-ness.

The series focuses on the defined set of Filipino values based on the Focused Group Discussions (FGDs) facilitated by NCCA as theme basis and story development situated in different social environments and settings. The FGDs were facilitated through the NCCA’s Planning and Policy Section (PPS) led by Deputy Executive Director for Administration and Support Services Marichu G. Tellano, PPS section head Caroline Mizal, and its consultant Arvin Villalon.

The character of Andre is played by Filipino-Australian actor Migo Adecer. Meanwhile, Yul Servo plays the role of Jojo, Andre’s real father; Angeli Bayani as Isabel, Andre’s mother who died when Andre was 12 years old and married Cole out of necessity; and Kate Valdez as Loret, a daughter of a prominent political clan in Negros who falls in love with Andre. Royce Cabrera plays the role of Jay, younger brother of Andre who was left in the Philippines and works as a traditional wood carver (sculpting) and as a tourist guide; Paul Holmes as Cole, Andre’s adoptive father; and Linda Villalobos as Lola Miling, Isabel’s mother, Andre’s grandmother. Supporting casts include Acey Aguilar, Ross Pesigan, Tim Mabalot, Seth dela Cruz, and Yñigo Delen. 

The creatives team is comprised of Lutgardo Labad, creative consultant; Zig Dulay, director; Felinda Bagas, writer; and Lotlot Bustamante, executive producer.

For complete details of NCCA programs, kindly visit and Facebook page @NCCAOfficial. 

For details on this press release, contact Mr. Rene S. Napeñas, Head, Public Affairs and Information Office through or 0945 788 5698.