Moriones Festival

This is marked by the presence of men wearing masks (“moriones”) and garbed in what passes off for Roman centurion costumes to dramatize the story of Longinus, the blind centurion whose sight was restored by the blood that spurted from the side where Longinus speared Christ. This is held during the Holy Week in Marinduque.

Centurion Festival
Gen. Luna, Quezon

It recounts the Passion play and is performed on the city’s streets.

Pakil, Laguna

This is a seven-day feast in honor of our lady of sorrows highlighted by a procession and a dance (to the beat of a turumba song).

Lami-Lamihan Festival
April 14 to 16-Basilan

Began in 1983 by former mayor Wilfrido Furigay, the festival showcases the rich Yakan traditions. This is highlighted by a parade and a horse race.

Kadaugan sa Mactan
April 27-Cebu

This is mainly the re-enactment of the Battle of Mactan along the islands’ beach.