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Cultural Identity and DevelopmentProf. Felipe M. de Leon, Jr.2011/07/29
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Magayon Festival and All Things Beautiful in LegazpiReinerio A. Alba2011/05/25
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Re-envisioning the Macho: Masculinity in Philippine Visual CultureReuben Ramas Cañete2011/03/09
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31st Conference on National and Local History in GenSanBryan Noel Lazaro2010/12/13
Philippine PEN Holds Annual Writers’ Conference in Cebu CityReinerio Alba2010/12/08
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Blind Field: Photography and PlaceWawi Navarozza2010/10/21
Gawad ng Manlilikha ng Bayan Awardees in Grade School TextbooksReinerio Alba2010/10/20
Mabuhay Ilustrados of the Filipino Imagination or, No Hopia for Utokwa, Halo-Halo at Maiz con Yellow Ribbon Will DoGregorio C. Brillantes2010/10/18
IMPLODE: Spontaneous Implosion of TUP Alumni Artists Works at the Cultural Center of the PhilippinesKaye O’Yek2010/10/14
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Prized Possessions: The Promise of the Contemporary in Philippine Art CompetitionsJay Giovanni Bautista2010/09/09
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TUP students express freedom and expressionNCCA Gallery2010/09/06
History Found: The Galleon Trade and The PhilippinesCharissse Aquino-Tugade2010/09/03
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Visayan Terracotta Artists Back at Alliance Française (AFM) Total GalleryAlliance Française de Manille2010/07/22
Savoring Heritage in PalawanReinerio Alba2010/07/06
Colorful Houses Turn Up This May!Reinerio Alba2010/05/29
NHCP declares Silva House, Ang Dakong Balay, Balay na Tisa and Mercado Mansion as Heritage HousesNational Historical Commission of the Philippines2010/05/27
Full Circle: Creativity Moving Through Generations of Tsinoy Artists & DesignersYuchengco Museum2010/05/26
Strange Little Girls: Amihan Jumalon's 3rd solo exhibit at the Orange Art GalleryBendix Fernandez2010/05/20
The GodmakersDave Lock and JCrisanto Martinez2010/05/05
Arising Current: Demosthenes Campos' "Flow"Ms. Marika B. Constantino2010/04/23
Whiff- Notes on the Poetics of "Easy Rose"Mr. Marc Gaba2010/04/07
BECOMING - appearance and essence of beingNCCA Gallery2010/03/05
Kublai Millan’s “ProbinSAYA” painting road show jumpstarted from own galleryReinerio A. Alba, NCCA Gallery2010/01/04
Blame the SavagesNCCA Gallery2009/12/17
Culture as a Vital Tool in Addressing Climate Change Issues (and why NCCA is taking steps)Mrs. Cecile Guidote-Alvarez2009/12/11
Beauty for Ashes & The Passion for TruthSalvarita Art Gallery2009/12/11
Macabebe filmmaker shines in 1st Sinukwan Film FestivalMr. Jason Paul Laxamana2009/12/08
NAWAN Peace Conference Participants Come Up With an island-wide Peace Project for MindanaoReinerio A. Alba2009/11/27
Mebuyan, the Goddess and the MusicMebuyan Peace Project2009/11/26
Andres Barrioquinto's "The Gods of Small Things" opens Saturday October 17Mr. Blanc Art Space2009/10/13
Augusto Boal's Theater of the OppressedReinerio A. Alba2009/10/05
Filipino Artist Nasser Lubay's Work Named 2nd Best Work in Celeste Prize 2009Reinerio A. Alba2009/09/29
Cecile Licad, Alban Gerhardt, and the PPO at the CCP!Mr. Pablo A. Tariman2009/09/22
Tears, Cuts & Ruptures: Contemporary Collage in the PhilippinesMr. Cocoy Lumbao2009/09/15
Argie Bandoy's "Mucous Humor"Mr. Rock Drilon2009/09/09
Ring of Five Galleries Zero in on the Theme "Periphery"Ms. Richie Lerma2009/09/09
Official National Symbols of the PhilippinesReinerio A. Alba2009/08/28
Erik Sausa's Pretty Vacant2009/08/11
Carlos de Leon Esguerra, Proud Filipino PhotographerReinerio A. Alba2009/08/03
Creative Writing in Calbayog, SamarMr. Harold L. Mercurio2009/07/30
The 5th Lamiraw Regional Creative Writing WorkshopMr. Phil Harold L. Mercurio2009/07/14
Writing Out the "Aesthetic Blur"Reinerio A. Alba2009/07/07
The Greeks in the PhilippinesReinerio A. Alba2009/06/23
Soaring High on Original Content for Filipino AnimationReinerio A. Alba2009/06/09
The Philippine FiestaReinerio A. Alba2009/05/11
Lent, the Filipino WayReinerio A. Alba2009/03/30
An Encounter with Davao's Kublai MillanReinerio A. Alba2009/03/03
Filipino Humor in Local TV AdsReinerio A. Alba2009/02/09
Filipino Voices in Imported TelenovelasReinerio A. Alba2009/01/12
"Kith and Kin": Salvarita, Jumalon siblings launch works in new Dumaguete art galleryMr. Bendix M. Fernandez2008/11/19
Filipino Poetry by John Iremil Teodoro: Poetry Worth Any Man's WeightReinerio A. Alba2008/09/23
A Bigger Animahenasyon Festival!NCCA features2008/09/02
National Museum Declares Maranao Torogan as National Cultural Treasure; Torogan Needs Immediate RehabilitationReinerio A. Alba2008/07/22
Why There are No Tribes in the PhilippinesDr. Jesus T. Peralta2008/07/03
Dancing Darangen: The Way to the Maranao EpicRoel Hoang Manipon2008/05/27
Mock Swords into Cultural Ploughshares: the National University Celebrates with KomedyaRoel Hoang Manipon2008/01/24
Spirit Shaped from the Earth: A Short Heritage Tour of CagayanRoel Hoang Manipon2007/08/10
The Tungo RitualMary T. Dumanghi2007/01/24
The Filipino Gayspeak (Filipino Gay Lingo)Reinerio A. Alba2006/06/05
Making Beauty: Auraeus Solito and Maximo OliverosReinerio A. Alba2006/06/05
And You Thought You Had Not Been to Any Heritage Site?Reinerio A. Alba2006/01/23
CCP President Nes Jardin Talks on The Philippine Cultural Education PlanJojo Silvestre2005/01/17
Textanaga: The Dawning of the Age of Literary TechnologyVim Nadera2005/01/10
Kaisahan of San Jose Dance Company, USA, Opens the 2005 Concert Season of Concert at the Park2005/01/03
Who was Juan Luna's La Bulaqueña?Ambeth Ocampo2004/12/27
Pacita Abad: A Painted PassingRoel Hoang Manipon2004/12/20
CCP Continues Tradition of Recognition of Filipino Artists and Cultural WorkersReinerio A. Alba2004/12/13
Philippine Theater in EnglishDoreen G. Fernandez2004/12/06
The Crucible of Immobility2004/11/22
Remembering the National Poetry Week in NovemberJenny Orillos2004/11/15
Gerardo Tan "Doing Time"2004/11/08
18th-19th Century Filipino Copper Engravings at the Ayala Museum2004/11/01
Zero-In: Transitions2004/10/25
The Pantabangan Folk PainterWilfredo O. Pascual, Jr.2004/10/18
De Picturas: Transition Through the Windmills of the MindRazcel Jan Luiz Salvarita2004/10/11
Hiraya's 24th Anniversary ExhibitRoel Hoang Manipon2004/10/04
Power, Passion and Plays: The Barasoain Kalinangan Foundation, Inc.Roel Hoang Manipon2004/09/27
CCP Complex Soon to Become Center for Art and Culture in Asia2004/09/20
RP Celebrates History Week this September2004/09/13
Pastime: Ofelia Gelvezon-Tequi2004/09/06
Hiraya Gallery's Printmakers Series2004/08/23
Anading's Transient Bodies2004/08/16
Roberto Robles' Rekindling2004/08/09
Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa 20042004/08/02
First Manuscript Fair in the Country2004/07/26
Local Writers Get Help From Senate2004/07/19
Eddie Romero's "Passionate Strangers" Opens Festival of Restored Filipino Films2004/07/12
Alvarado's Daily Bread2004/07/05
9 Days of Immersion in the Culture of Our Southern Brothers2004/06/28
Heritage Movement Restores Schoolhouses NationwideAugusto F. Villalon2004/06/28
A Multi-level Event in Search of the Filipino2004/06/21
Celebrating the Birth of San Juan BautistaMa. Isabel A. Arellano2004/06/21
A Mindanao Theater Experience: Issues and ProspectsOliver L. Patino2004/06/14
Quo Vadis San Miguel Comedia?Christine F. Godinez-Ortega2004/06/14
THE MASTER ON FILM Thoroughly Modern Victorio EdadesConstantino C. Tejero2004/06/07
Salinta Monon, Bagobo WeaverMaricris Jan Tobias2004/06/07
Defining the Filipino Through SongProf. Felipe M. de Leon, Jr.2004/06/01
Lang Dulay, Tboli WeaverMaricris Jan Tobias2004/06/01
Scoring for the Filipino Life and MusicCorazon C. Dioquino2004/05/24
Philippines: Gateway to the Orient from Legazpi to MalaspinaAlfredo J. Morales2004/05/24
Biodiversity and the SacredDavid Harmon2004/05/17
Dionatext: Dissecting the Winning EntriesPatricia Ruth G. Cristobal2004/05/17
Confessions of a "Rock Journalist," or Some Disjointed Ramblings on Pinoy Rock 'N' RollEric S. Caruncho2004/05/10
Maestro Apong Juan Flores: His Life and His ArtRicky Tana2004/05/10
The Art of Juan LunaEric Torres2004/05/03
Talisman, Leadership, and Power: The belief in magical potency continues to pervade Filipino lifeHerminia Menez2004/05/03
Dance Theater Philippines- A Pirouette Off CenterBasilio Esteban S. Villaruz2004/0426
Best Practice Crafting: Reflections on the Word "Sining"Kristina T. Subido2004/04/26
Banig: the Art of Mat MakingDavid B. Baradas2004/04/19
Notions on MotionsDong Ampil de los Reyes2004/04/19
Postcolonial SufferancePatrick Flores2004/04/12
The Value of the Annual Agentic Practices Within the AAP-As-CompetitionReuben C. Cañete, Josephine M. Atienza2004/04/12
Art and AngonoIno Manalo2004/04/05
Adult FaithEmiliano T. Hudtohan2004/04/05
Pushing the National Language Development Through TranslationGalileo S. Zafra2004/03/22
Interview with National Artist for Music Lucio San PedroMayo Uno L. Martin2004/03/22
The House Built on Clay: Into Ugo Bigyan’s SanctuaryRoel Hoang Manipon2004/03/15
Wanted: Vision to Lead The FeetBasilio Esteban S. Villaruz2004/03/15
The First Creative Writing Workshop in Calbayog City: A Surge of Interest in Waray LiteratureReinerio A. Alba2004/03/08
Recognition and Reward, Corruption and RepressionLuis V. Teodoro2004/03/08
Impact of Creative Writing WorkshopsCirilo F. Bautista2004/03/01
Intersections, Representations & ExoticismEdson Cabalfin2004/03/01
'Lost' RP film found in US archiveNick Deocampo2004/02/23
Interview with National Artist in Literature Edith L. TiempoNiño Soria De Veyra2004/02/23
National Arts Month 2004: A Celebration of the Creative Community2004/02/16
Door to the World of Reading Must Be Unlocked for All ChildrenNeni Sta. Romana-Cruz2004/02/16
Tungo sa Pagtuklas ng Isang Bagong Teorya sa MusikaRamon P. Santos, Ph. D.2004/02/09
Cinema Paraiso2004/02/09
Batang West Side: Diskurso ng Konsensiya, Kaakuhan, at KasaysayanJema M. Pamintuan2004/02/02
Tausug Women Continue the Weaving of Pis SiyabitReinerio A. Alba2004/02/02
Sinai Hamada and the Power of SympathyFrancis C. Macansantos2004/01/26
The Ends of VisionMarc Escalona Gaba2004/01/26
Curatorship DefinedDayang Yraola2004/01/19
Domesticating Woman: The Example of Lina FlorSoledad C. Reyes2004/01/19
Reading MattersVirgilio S. Almario2004/01/12
Bringing the Southerners to KabunianReinerio A. Alba2004/01/12
Management and CultureJaime C. Laya2004/01/05
Decentering Philippine Art and CultureBienvenido L. Lumbera2004/01/05
Revivalism and Modernism in the Musics of Post-Colonial AsiaRamon P. Santos, Ph. D.2003/12/29
The Ambiguous Voice of the Person and its Double in the Agusanen Manobo Song (Ted-em)José S. Buenconsejo2003/12/29
Benchmarking Philippine ArchitecturePaulo G. Alcazaren2003/12/22
Amador T. Daguio: A Turning-point in Filipino Poetry from EnglishGemino H. Abad2003/12/22
A Cycle of Being and Becoming in MindanaoChristine F. Godinez-Ortega2003/12/15
What Moves the Three Major Ballet Companies?Edna Vida2003/12/15
Tenacity of Identity: Or Where are the People?Dr. Jesus T. Peralta2003/12/08
Towards Homes Filled With BooksKarina A. Bolasco2003/12/08
Translations into FilipinoMario I. Miclat, Ph.D.2003/12/01
Ifugao Hudhud: Local to Global Dimension of the SacredDr. Jesus T. Peralta2003/12/01
Keeping the Men Singing TogetherReinerio A. Alba2003/11/24
Seditious and Subversive: Theater of WarDoreen G. Fernandez2003/11/17
Falling for TurumbaReinerio A. Alba2003/11/17
Telenovela, Anime Transform Landscape of Philippine TVReinerio A. Alba2003/11/17
Challenging Traditions: Prosody And Rhapsody In The Poetry Of Angela Manalang GloriaIsabela Banzon-Mooney2003/11/10
Suffering Colonialism: Modernity as Sacrifice and Salvation in Philippine Colonial PaintingPatrick Flores2003/11/10
Future Perfect: The Work of LiteratureGemino H. Abad2003/11/03
An Interview with National Artist for Sculpture Napoleon AbuevaJose Wendell P. Capili2003/11/03
RP's Archives Finally Finds a HavenReinerio A. Alba2003/10/27
A Celebration of Herstory: Filipino Women in Legislation and Politics2003/10/27
Spelunking in MabinayRoel Hoang Manipon2003/10/20
Vigan: A Journey Through the HeartlandArnold Molina Azurin2003/10/20
The Making of FilipinescasNick Joaquin2003/10/13
A Look at Philippine MosquesNagasura T. Madale2003/10/06
The Creative Living Presence Within: The Participation of FilipinoProf. Felipe M. de Leon, Jr.2003/10/06
The Restoration of 26 Philippine ChurchesReinerio A. Alba2003/09/29
Puppetry in the Philippines: With almost no local tradition to draw on, Teatrong Mulat looks to Asian sources for inspirationMa. Amihan L. Bonifacio2003/09/22
The Amado V. Hernandez Birth Centenary: The Revolution of His WordsRoel Hoang Manipon2003/09/15
Getting Our Heritage to Survive the AgesAugusto F. Villalon2003/09/15
Palanca Harvest for 2003Reinerio A. Alba2003/09/08
Interested in Having Your Works Exhibited in a Gallery?Silvana Diaz2003/09/08
The Cost of Saving Our Cultural HeritageBienvenido L. Lumbera2003/09/01
The National Book Awards: Enlivening the Publishing Scene in the CountryReinerio A. Alba2003/08/29
When King is QueenReinerio A. Alba2003/08/27
Immortality in an “Ephemeral” ArtReinerio A. Alba2003/08/18
NCCA-CVA Presents Sungdu-an 3: National Traveling Visual Art ExhibitReinerio A. Alba2003/08/18
Traditional Games in the PhilippinesArtemio C. Barbosa2003/08/15
Ang Wika ng Karunungang FilipinoVirgilio S. Almario2003/08/15
Nurturing Children's Literature in the PhilippinesReinerio A. Alba2003/07/28
Darna Flies High Over at CCP!Reinerio A. Alba2003/07/21
Amistad Duradera: A Hoped-for Friendship Between the Philippines and SpainReinerio A. Alba2003/07/11
Ginaw Bilog and the Ambahan TraditionReinerio A. Alba2003/07/11
The National Artist as a FilipinoReinerio A. Alba2003/06/30
Nation Observes 142nd Birth Anniversary of Jose Rizal2003/06/23
A Handful of GemsNonoy L. Lauzon2003/06/23
Andres Bonifacio and the 1896 RevolutionMilagros C. Guerrero, Emmanuel N. Encarnacion, Ramon N. Villegas2003/06/16
Constructing a National Identity Through MusicRamon P. Santos, Ph. D.2003/06/13
The Spirit of the KartilyaEd Aurelio Reyes2003/06/06
Balintawak: The Cry for a Nationwide RevolutionMilagros C. Guerrero, Emmanuel N. Encarnacion, Ramon N. Villegas2003/06/06
Iloilo City: Home to More Than the BiscochoReinerio A. Alba2003/05/30
Birthing Women ArtistsPatrick Flores2003/05/30
The Essential Story: On Filipino Writing Rising from the Debris of ColonialismN.V. M. Gonzales2003/05/22
Philippines' Patis TesoroReinerio A. Alba2003/05/19
Hidden in the HeartRosa Maria Magno2003/05/14
Lights, Romero, Action!Reinerio A. Alba2003/05/12
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Making Museums: The Development of Philippine Museums from 1901-1998Eric Babar Zerrudo
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What to do with an Old Church (or Mosque or House)?Regalado Trota Jose
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Arumanen-ManuvuCustodio A. Saliling
BagoboSonia D. Mangune
Benguet Belief SystemsWasing D. Sacla
Cagayan Valley: The IbanagEstrella L. Suyu
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Folk Literature of the Muslim Cultural CommunitiesCalbi A. Asain
Ifugao in a NutshellManuel Dulawan
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Kinaray-a, Hiligaynon, Ilonggo and Aklanon Speaking PeopleAlicia P. Magos
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Oral Literature of the Tuwali Ifugao in KianganManuel Dulawan
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